Happy New Year!

It is too bad I will end 2009 with a bitter heart. I am in the middle of negotiating to buy a new property, and my agent and banker are driving me up the ceiling. I think my BP overshot many times, and I have kicked some walls without my daughter watching. As we are reaching for the countdown, neither one of them actually replied my sms-es and return my calls, and I will go crash their offices come Monday. Needless to say, my 2010 will have a fiery start too.

Enough about that, I will go to sleep soon, and I do not want any of these 2 idiot wankers to appear in my dreamless sleep.

Nonetheless, 31 December 2009 is ending in mere minutes. I am toasting this to a colourful and healthy 2009, and its many innuendoes that taught me to be a better (and wiser) self, husband, father, friend, worker, colleagues, and to a healthier and wiser 2010.

Baby steps.

Happy New Year, dear friends!


Che said…
happy new year bro! with many more medals to come :P
amsyah said…
JJ : Happy New Year, doc. full marathon tahun ni ok?

Che : Happy New Year, more medals definitely. and we have a rematch at Duke ok haha
Che said…
err.. isnt that a one-time-only event? hehe..

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