Prayer time and place for Pacesetters 30km, January 2010

I have been quite swamped that I have no time to visit my gmail account for awhile. Anyway, below is an email forwarded by fellow runner (Nadia a.k.a. Tolldoll) about queries of where and how to solat for Pacesetters 30km in Putrajaya in January 2010.

Thanks Nadia for making an effort to clear the air. Many will benefit. Don't worry about not running it this year.

Dear Nadia,

First of all, welcome to the running fraternity and I do hope you are able to participate.

The route covers 3/4 of Putrajaya area.

I have specifically map out the route to pass-by a mosque [called masjid besi] just in time for the subuh prayers especially for our Muslims runners. It is at the 5km mark.

Please feel free to email me if you have further question on the race.

Thank you
Rustam Zaihan

* Hope this clarifies any doubt, and we are grateful to see the Organisers are stepping up a little to ensure all basic requirements are met.


waaa…GE30K run at putrajaya? Boring sey…(first reaction)
amsyah said…
Kash - sure humid macam Shape Run that day. Tapi kena tanya Che on running there lah, tapi covering 3/4 of Putrajaya? Boring indeed hehe
Diket said…
Running in early morning in putrajaya should be fine but wait until the sun starts to strike as early as 7.30 or 8.00. Most of the roads are bare open, trees still small2 ones la.

Yes, the temperature can rise a bit fast there considering all those hard pavement compare to soft landscape. And another yes, scenery can be a bit boring at times especially when we have clocked more than 2 hours pounding our legs. Tak kisah dah if Dr M standing by the road cheering. Hehe.

Anyway, insyallah I'll be there to give another run for GE30k. Jom2.

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