Resolution anyone?

This is confession time.

I have been a reckless self. And my runs are the culprit. ahahah

Anyway, 2 years ago was when my New Year resolution starts in December at the end of the year, when I gave myself the mostest-meaningfullest birthday present by signing up with Corporate Athletes, in a bid to lose my weights. It has been an incredible adventure, and I am in my best shape, ever!

Last year's resolutions are more or less resolved. My weight has so far surpassed my target and stayed stable for more than half a year. I have been 'allowed' to indulge and keep my weight, and that is life is all about - living it, and not be a depressed loony. My skeletal muscles stays around 37.7-38% (lost some while training for SCSM and weeks after), and maintains regular RPM classes on Wednesdays. However, I have yet to buy a bike, but that is the least of my worry.

I have registered for many intensive classes for my Professional Part 3 exams (2011), and I will run for the GBI and LEED Facilitator course to keep myself relevant. I have not particularly been a best manager to my subordinates, but I'll improvise (promise!).

Financials? OK that is progressive. This is a little sticky.

I have finally completed the murals, which have triggered many interests around. Stoodles has since completed a mural for The Kimster, and nyonyatan/GM did some doodling for The Kimster's Billy. This will definitely be a future project for many others.

I have not resolved any rifts whatsoever with my brother. Our relationship remains status quo. I just do not have any respect to plain idiots and arrogant snobs. Enough said.

But we have some fabulous family travels, definitely more and enriching.

Looking ahead, 2010 will be a blazing year. Already, my days and weeks marked for many, many, many much-anticipated runs and marathons (no, I am not that fast-a-runner), and I see myself lost in many legal terms of our Acts, Codes of Practice etc. Well, since I did quite OK for 2009 in resolving my resolutions, I shall attempt another;

1) On top of my list would be keeping family at the top of it all. Wifey will give birth to our 2nd baby in March, and we will have our hands full. Iris is going 5, and we will see delivery of our 2nd house, insyaAllah. Like I said - hands full.

2) Exercise (and hopefully, training) will be at the centre stage again. I hope to lose another 4kg off my current weight and keep my BMI closer to 21.5. Swimming will start in January, and hopefully I could see some light in getting a bike this year. Runs have always been predominantly essential - I have been more intensely involved in adiNation of Runners in their trainings, and this week alone has been an eyeopener.

3) My Part 3 classes starts January until June, with many, many study groups in between, and to keep the momentum going into May 2011 for the D-Day. Green Building Index (GBI) is spinning into high gear, and we are all getting into it. LEED is next.

4) The theme for 2010 will also be to engage more, in everything. I have to put a stop where I just pick up a newspaper and flip through without reading.

Yup, not so materialistic. I have learnt to be grateful, and take bites which I can handle. Even above sounds like a tall order, but hopefully I'll manage. Whatever comes our way will simply be a bonus. This has been the fundamental of my adventure, because life is not all about regimented disciplines, but guidelines enough to keep you rooted, and let you stray a little.

Am off to a short family getaway now, and here's wishing Happy Holidays to all friends. If you are traveling, be safe on the road.


tolldoll said…
these are good and achievable resolutions. my swim lesson starts in january too, and I am also looking for a bike.

congratulations in advance on the second baby!
see you in 2010, syah. stay rooted.
amsyah said…
nadia : i figure your swims will do you good for your running hiatus, eh. recover well!

kash : 2010 here we come! lots of LSD eh
gerbera said…
I hope 2010 will be nice to me too.

More babies. I loike. Lots of people i knew or virtually knew waiting for their 2nd baby next year.

Good luck for 2010.
amsyah said…
gerbera : all the best in 2010. banyak run yg best2 nih hahah
you've completed a mural? is this the kindergarten one where we're supposed to help you with?

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