SCSM and Salomon X-Trail Week - Battle of the Races!

This is a short one, as I pack my stuff and ready for a get go tomorrow morning.

Here's wishing all friends the best for both Salomon X-Trail and SCSM'09 this Sunday. All seems to be excited voicing out through their blogs, and may the force be with you. Come back online with great stories of fun (ok, sweat and tears pun buleh).

2010 is around the corner, and already there are many great races in the pipeline;
a) Putrajaya Night Marathon - said to be held during Federal Day's celebration in Precinct 6
b) Adidas Sundown Marathon 2010 - I missed this event last year, and will definitely make a beeline to register. Registration is open now!
c) KLIM'10 - to be held on 27 July 2010 - with promises that they have learnt their lessons well from 2009. It is local, and cheap too, and helluva sceneries!

With the increasing entrance fees to many races, it pays to select the good ones, eh.

So guys, have lots of fun this weekend, keep your cool, and drive safely (even though you are driving to Kiara) and see you next week.

p/s : I am starting to breed many butterflies in my tummy now.


Syah, gold coast marathon and/or phuket marathon next year....

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