Weekly Exercise, 21-27 Dec '09

The weeks after SCSM were quite tough, with the Zero Week dragging its feet into the second, third week etc. As much as that the recovery is mandatory (even more so who does a sub-4 marathons), more evenings immediately ended without any runs.

With some silence in running events till mid-Jan next year, it feels like a slumber. Even blog entries have mellowed somehow. It is Christmas long weekend, and next week will be a long New Year's weekend. Nice for LSDs, eh.

I haven't post training/exercise logs for quite some time now (obviously means lack of training). Kicking into 2010, I started out with quite a productive week (mainly with aNR).

Monday - easy 10 km, KLCC Park, 1:03hrs / Upper body Workout @ gym
Tuesday - speedwork, 3 laps x 1.3km, KLCC Park (5:45, 5:41, 0:00 mins) / Lower body Workout @ gym
Wednesday - easy run 6.9 km, 3 laps x 2.3km, Lake Garden, 0:36mins) / Upper body Workout @ gym
Thursday - LSD easy 16.1 km (7 laps), Lake Garden, 1:37hrs / Lower body Workout @ gym
Friday - rest
Saturday - easy 7 km, Damai Laut, 0:46hrs
Sunday - LSD 22 km, Kiara - Hartamas, 1:51:41

It's been a refreshing week. Hope everyones been training and resting well.


Itu LSD @1:51, fuhhh laju.
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
I guess Syah has his own description of LSD with all those timing.
LSD = Laju Sangat Dah

P/s: Habisla kita.. 2010 kita makan asap je la kalau lari dgn Syah ni...
Julin Julai said…
lajunyaa ( kagum dengan mulut ternganga)
amsyah said…
Kash - ekceli, I kena kejar dengan 2 anjing near the golf clubs... berdesup darah naik... hahahah. mebbe in our maratons, we should propose to the organisers to letak few stray dogs hahahaah
amsyah said…
Nik - mana ada, Shuk lagi laju hahahaha

Doc JJ - belum laju lagi, but I have the 2 dogs to thank to hahahhahah. eh you still run at the lake garden?
Julin Julai said…
ye saye..but which lake garden are you referring to?
amsyah said…
doc, oh silap... ada banyak ke? i thought of lake garden kl hahahah
shuklazim said…
dasat training nampak...mana asap? tak nampak pun...hehehe
Julin Julai said…
banyakkk..mine is in perak
amsyah said…
eh shuk : collect points - nak beli miAdidas hahahahah. asap takde, run pun kena environment-friendly maa hehehh

doc : aiseh, takpa, ada rezeki nnt boleh try both

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