anak-anak berlari-lari anak di Putrajaya

I have to give PNM a miss this year. I never register anyway, since PNM's calling was not appealing enough, and driving around meetings doesn't help improving my old hardrive in my head to remember any better. But a chance for a LSD every weekend is something I need to accustome myself to. And when CAR invites, I answered, although the taste of Shape Run 2009 in Putrajaya is still locking in my throat. Few GBS clan 'turun padang', and making their first entry were Yimster and Crusshio.

My main target - to see how night LSD in Putrajaya/Cyberjaya area in seeing myself in Energizer, March 2010. It will be a time to gauge my diet, pace, and mental preparation to running into the night. I am still wondering how running through the midnight at Sundown would do to me. I think this will be a different ball game.

After locking myself in a room to do my homeworks, and some short sprints at Isetan, I arrived at Taman Tasik Empangan, Putrajaya just around maghrib, and met Shuk, Yimster, Zul, Hailmi, Diket, Nizam etc. Quite a number of weekend warriors that night. We prayed, getting ready etc, and I could see there were 20 strong runners in many colours of past vests. Semua power2 - keting Avatar, keting Kenya, keting Euthophia, keting Somalia semua ada...

Our trainer - ZulAzlan briefed us on the route - run along Putrajaya Boulevard into Precinct 4, 3 and 2 until a roundabout by PjH, and turn back until PICC, going round the back and turn into the carpark. Almost a 10k-loop. CAR plans a 3-loop, I planned only 2.

We headed out in a slight drizzle, and 5 minutes into our run, it started raining, and getting heavier by the minute. By the time we reached the U-turn point, we were drenched and shoes soaking wet. OK you get the picture. Have I told you running in the rain is therapeutic? I absolutely loved it. No one around near to gawk at you, and no thumpers to throw your pace off. Great!

I was in the second pack with Diket, Hanchik, Nizam, and Hailmi chatting away, running at conversational pace. It is good to gauge that I am running comfortably, as compared to have a glance at my screaming HRM. We were running, dodging puddles and traffic when lightning and thunder join symphony. Give me rain, but not those. I have lost a friend back in the Uni-days, playing soccer in a rain. I was spooked. We wanted to finish the first loop quickly, and the peloton (haha) caught with the first group just behind PICC and we retreated immediately back to the carpark.

While waiting for the rest of the troops to return, we replenished and hoping the rain would stop soon, although I would not mind at all. While we though all have returned, it was clear one lady was missing, and we spent some half hour waiting for her before sending out a search team party. Running alone in Putrajaya, if not sure of the routes, can be dangerous. More so for a lady. That is why it is very, very crucial to pay attention and know where you are going (perhaps Che boleh buat orienteering course hahah).

After an hour of shrinking cold leg muscles of waiting, some decided to call it a night. I thought of joining Nizam and Diket at Double Trouble too, but changed my mind at the last minute. A 10k for the weekend simply mean I have to do more the next morning to cover the mileage, and at 10p.m., there is a very sim chance that I'd get up early and drive to the training ground. I took off my belt, and headed out with the remainings towards PjH. It was a good pace but we were quiet at most times. None of us have ever run together before so the ice was still a huge block and laughter was a rare commodity. When we passed PjC, I started to feel a little dizzy, my HRM shot up beyond 176bpm. Not wanting to fall out, I trudged on. It was at the U-turn that I had to stop as my head suddenly had a woozy. It was then I realized, my belt is 5km behind with my Snickers, drinks etc. I was out of fuel.

I figured, a late lunch at 3, and later some chocolate muffins, water around 6p.m. would suffice, but I was wrong. The physics of fuelling myself lightly 2 hours prior to the run for night run isn't sufficient. Later I'll try heavy meals 2 hours before, which has to be tested too. Terlalu kenyang will also lead me faster into the snoozeland without counting sheeps.

Macam-macam perangai.

Anyway, the guys went on leaving me alone cruising very slowly, feeling light headed. My only consolation was seeing Hamidon and the Ayam Dara runners within shouts if I ever to pass out. And hey, the Boulevard stretch at night, in the rain (yes, it was still raining) is not bad at all.

Reached the RV point, changed and we agreed to hang out at Double Trouble. It has been ages since I would sit at a mamak mindlessly and just have a casual night with friends, and that night was thoroughly welcomed. A LSD mileage done, great people, milo ais and capati... wow! In the end, we stayed until ZulAzlan finished his meal and took off around 1a.m.

In a way, night runs are a good option, as Iris goes to sleep around 9.30p.m., and wifey would be able to enjoy her 24 DVDs uninterrupted. Win-win-win situation, but do not worry, honey... I won't do this often, or on purpose :D.

This week's done. I have a date with the Double Hills next weekend (or are we trail running soon?).


crushhio said…
Lucky that i had a plateful of maggie mee late in the evening before the LSD.. kalau tak kejang gak perut tahan lapar nak lari dalam hujan.. hehe

It was a fun LSD though.. count me in for the next LSD eh..
Che said…
I felt guilty leaving that lady behind, but im sure that she was raining with a guy before we make the U-turn. Oh well, lesson learned. Next time, everyone must know what the name of the RV okay? (in this case, she didnt know the name of the RV even) :P

sorry i stayed on the behind. too heavy lah running soaked wet. but nasib baik tak ikut 2nd round. after half an hour rest, sambung lari not a good idea la i think :P

jom trail running?
amsyah said…
syed - we take every runs as an opportunity to learn ourselves. but you guys lari laju lah... bordosupdosup

che : next trail mana? gian daa...
Yimster said…
Che you bad boy, leaving the poor lady behind :)

It's been a while since I've had a trail run, yearning to get into it lah. Che, the commander in charge ... go go go!
wahlau, I could be that poor lady left behind. Teruk lah korang.
amsyah said…
yim - Che felt guilty enough that he drove around looking for her. kesian member, first casualty (err) semenjak jadi sweeper

kash - we all thought she power liao, pacesetter klang, mah. tapi lessons learnt, LSDs must never be about clocking best time. I still think a handphone is a must when running. I vowed to not let this happen again
Yimster said…
errm i actually thought the same too, that the pair from Klang looks very the power from the outside. also a combo of the drenchy rain which didnt help much. need roller skates the next time :)

hmm ... she must have been scared having came all the way and not being too familiar with the route. i would have been since Putrajaya is still quite alien to me. there was at least 1 car passing us that made funny noises during the run ...
Che said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Che said…
sorry bos. heres the edited one (ada typo)

by right i didnt have to wait, but since we are the last one that saw her last, thats why i went out looking for her :) besides, its not my LSD la :P if GBS punye event, i will make sure (from now on) not to let this thing happen..
shuklazim said…
I felt guilty too. I stayed with her until palace of justice and there was another guy at the back. Then hujan lebat, I thot she will be okay with a guy trailing, I joined che and midon.

Should have stayed all the way, glad that she's okay.
amsyah said…
che : takpa, we are grateful you went out to look for her, I bet Zul was worried sick. Nilah, orang suruh dengar briefing, member sibuk warm up hahah. How did she ended up on a highway is beyond me. That is why we in GBS always have to make sure we know the routes, or at least wait to regroup from time to time.
Tapi we might not have you as a sweeper for long now, since member dah makin laju lari nih... hahaha

shuk : ekceli, what happened to that guy? ilang terus? ke he was not even in the original pax? huhu scary, ada benda ikut... runner plak tuh hahha
I have been in a worst situation when I went riding with the guys, they usually dont have the courtesy to wait for the last cyclist even though its a female as last rider. Asyik nak sayur orang. I dont care if you are a 10 times Ironman if your attitude is second grade.

Unfortunately, I had a flat and had to wait for someone to rescue me. I had a phone with me but no one picked up the blardy call! And guess who turned back. Its DayO and she's also a female and we were in the middle of god knows where! C'mon lah, its not a competition (sorry agak emo pulak).

Anyway, I am glad everyone is safe.
Diket said…
Guys, I remember reminded u all in one these blog threads about getting lost in Putrajaya where a buddy of mine DAY time! Now, this time it was raining, visibility was poor, even we can't actually sighted those cars from the sides when crossing those wide traffic light junctions until it's too near. We just have to be careful next time. Putrajaya's landscapes can be a bit confusing at times, especially when we have log in an hour or more on our tired legs. Hope for the best in PNM.

Kash, from my experience riding with fellow triatletes, riding in peloton & regrouping is not in the specs. So, hopefully when all GBS got bikes, we don't leave riders behind.
amsyah said…
kash : takpa to be emo, we remind ourselves of not turning into a monster feeding our own ego. Luckily she returned ok, but touch wood, what if sth happened like to Gary Leon in Adidas KOTR?

Shamefully, I was selfish that night thinking the group behind would take care of themselves (trainer dah laju pecut di kegelapan malam).

thank you for smacking me in the head. See you at the pool
amsyah said…
Diket : agree. without a doubt when Putrajaya an was drafted as a Garden City, the many trees and super boulevards are meant to consume all human scales. If you are not accustomed to identifying landmarks, it is very easy to lose yourselves. I still lose myself in the many precincts etc hahah

anyway, it seems that I am the only one without a bike now since Shuk dah sambar satu huhu... eh Diket, survey basikal ganas frame 60 satu... gue sudah terbakar, tapi duit tetap takdak hehehe
Che said…
thats what we impose during our previous sessions (and hopefully sessions to come) that we have to wait for the slow runner. So far we should keep the good teamwork and by doing that, others might follow our example kan? hopefully la.

whatever happened, happened. the lesson from what happened that important.

kash - ok kak, we got the point. wont do that in GBS session. Promise. -your dear sweeper- :)
ziff71 said…
Phewww, what a relief!! Relief for knowing that GBS treats this issue seriously. I had to admit that after knowing this incident, i sort of having doubt whether i shud do LSD with strong runners, at unfamiliar place.

By the way, looks alone can be deceiving. Someone may look athletic enuf but in actual fact he/she is a newbie/slow runner.

p/s - pun terpikir nak beli basikal :-)

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