Revised Updates - Night LSD at Putrajaya

This is the update for the place we are RV-ing on Saturday. As confirmed by the trainer for the CAR Night LSD - Zulazlan, there is a place for solat at the Taman Tasik Empangan, so we should be good for a clean surau, toilet and ample carpark.

Updated RV : carpark, Taman Tasik Empangan (we were told that there should be a Chap Ayam Runner's banner)
Time : 7.00 - 7.30 p.m. - run starts at 7.45 p.m.

I browsed through, and it seems that the Taman Tasik Empangan is a little bit secluded, like Che has advised, so it is as always, best to come without unnecessary accessories. As general precautions, bring the valuables that you can carry on you, as we were told that most areas are quite poorly lit, so come with reflectors (or blinkers) so motorists can see us running. Most Putrajaya roads are designed with pedestrian and cycling routes, but safety is key.

It is also reported that Taman Tasik Empangan is one of the best place to see the sunset, so don't forget you r cameras!


Che said…
All - Game on. So boleh solat ramai2 kat surau di situ. :)

Still xde cite pasal route dia ek? So advisable to bring your own hydration pack/bottle. Expect humid weather, stay in group.
(or better yet, stay on the sidewalk)
Che said…
Got an sms just now. Start @ 7.45 pm @ Taman Seri Empangan Putrajaya (Near PICC) = one loop 9.91km, wear bright color or white shirt, and your own water. Please come early to avoid being left by. Zul AdiRunner.
amsyah said…
yes got that too. see you tomorrow, lepas tu kita minum milo
ziff71 said…
have a good LSD tomoro guys. Will join next time

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