Weekly Exercise, 04 Jan '20 - 10 Jan 2010

This must be one of my 'rojak' week, with sees me ending the week with going beck to classes. These are mean classes, by the way. It starts at 8.30 a.m., and the lecture goes on and on and on, until 6.00 p.m. My head was steaming off from all the alien formulas to calculate, and the many charts to refer to. Suddenly, I was kicking myself in the butt for taking so many discounts during my university days. My rusty brain was working overtime. And there will be more next week.

I will not bore you guys with all the confusing definitions and statistics, but I do want to share one plain fact (of course we all know this, tapi bagi refreshment sikit, lah) that approx. 73% world's pollution is caused by emission of hazardous gaseous from our cars (W.H.O.) and our Bolehland is nowhere near the safe and healthy index (we all love our cars!). This statistic is contributed to our dependance to our cars, going back and forth to work, picking our kids etc (and includes our travelling to remote race locations hahah!). Needless to say the impact of the hazardous gaseous on our fragile environment.

Ooops! no lecture here. See, I told you , 8 hours a day of that, in your freaking weekends - unbelievable. But, anything to make our world a greener place, eh...

So, we cannot stop traveling completely. And we need to go places every time - for family, work and our runs - no thanks to our horribly disconnected public transportation and pedestrian linkages. What I will do for now is to zone my runs and trainings to limit to participating mostly in local races, and train at closer grounds. If needs be, let's carpool. Sounds easy, but it will be not.

I remember a buddy told me when I was contemplating of buying a hybrid car - he said that it is not so much of buying a hybrid car that makes you an environmentalist, but that small step, like compound interest, will generate awareness to our lost world (of course, the irony was that, I couldn't afford the hybrid price tag).

Anyway, my 'rojak' week, like any good 'rojak' do, as follows;
Monday - rest
Tuesday - rest jugak, with raining cats, dogs, monkeys and rabbits
Wednesday - invited for a run at KLCC, did 6.5k, 0:34:43
Thursday - 4km walk around construction site, the Majlis offices etc (ok, I did not run at all today... :P)
Friday - swim lesson, Dutamas (bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, and glide, one-arm strokes, 2-arms strokes), and swims at home
Saturday - GBS's LSD, approx. 20km, Bukit Aman - Hartamas - Bukit Aman, 1:58:55
Sunday - recovery run, Lake Garden, 3 loops, 6.9km, no timing

I have missed many aNR trainings with the group, mainly when they move the runs to Thursdays, clashes with my many crazy meetings, and I am waaaaaay out of their LSD-league.

It will be a new Monday tomorrow, and something tells me that it's going to be another 'rojak' week ahead. Have a productive week ahead, we all! Don't forget to switch off when not in use...


the DROPS will lead you to:

Take time to THINK, it is the source of power,
Take time to READ, it is the foundation of wisdom,
Take time to QUIET, it is the opportunity to seek God,
Take time to DREAM, it is the future made of,
Take time to PRAY, it is the greatest power on earth,

all the best,
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Bos... rojak satu!!!!
it is realy important for us on-road runners to support our system with good antioxidants as we are taking hellot more free radicals into our system especially from the polluted air and exhaust fumes.
Shaq said…
yes Nik, i pun nak satu jugak..with extra veggies
amsyah said…
Leq : hang ni bercakap macam motivator daaa, baguih baguih

Nik : rojak on'ne, siap!

Ian : true, I bet trail runners are having better lungs.... mmmm, TNF 100 solo this year? huh, seram!

Shaq : extra veggie rojak on'ne, siap.
Che said…
so bile our next trail run? hehe.. kasi cuci paru-paru sket.. :P
amsyah - stop the racun!!! 100 duo is doable. :)
amsyah said…
Ian - go Macam Bagus (this year dah ada Powerbar sponsor ka? woohoo!)

Che, next trail buleh aja, banyak trails nak cover tu in your list. let's give Shuk to be a host this time, dekat his house tu, anyway, I'll just follow je (putrajaya mesti banyak trails dlm ladang kelapa sawit kan?)

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