Weekly Exercise, 28 Dec '09 - 03 Jan 2010

I love Avatar. We watched it this afternoon and it was mind-blowing! And now I have a request for Che - please, please, please... we want to do trail running like a place where Jake Sully did with Neytiri, when he finally made it into the tribe. Awesome, freaking awesome (I went to watch a movie and that was all I thought off? Something's definitely wrong with me).

Really, Avatar is an icing to a perfect long weekend, an inspiration of sort to kickstart 2010, with Jake founding his feet and freedom to move. When he woke up in his Avatar body for the first time, and running chaotically into the kebun sayur, and feeling the fresh ground between his toes, smelling the fresh gasp of air in his lungs... spells hope and many achievable goals.

Anyway, enough about Avatar. This week started on Monday after my LSD, with me scratching my head that I have misplaced my heart rate monitor (I have yet to locate it till today). This week is also checking Hal Higdon's website for marathon training plans (have used Runner's World's for 2 times before, and I though of trying Hal's since it gave Diket his 4:40's finish woohoo... betul ke, bro?)

Monday - rest
Tuesday - ter-rest (doctor visit - Iris was having a flu)
Wednesday - 2.3km warm-up + 7.0km run with sifu, Ronnie See (adiNation Runners) at Lake Garden - he was kind enough to run with me while splurging on many running tips - 0:41 hrs
Thursday - One Mile Run (1.6km) at Heritage Row to Dataran Merdeka - 0:06:27
Friday - rest, start New Year with quality family times
Saturday - Geng Bas Sekolah's LSD approx. 20km, Bukit Aman - Hartamas - Bukit Aman - 1:58:23
Sunday - adiNation Runners' LSD - did 11.5km only (rushing for Iris Orientation Day at school) - Bukit Aman - Jalan Duta - Bukit Aman - 0:58:03

When Ronnie invited me to do a LSD with Pacemaker's group, I naively thought they'll go, slow. Slow is anything but... their LSD is at my usual 10k pace. I arrived at Jalan Duta at 0:29 as compared to 0:34 a day earlier running along Nik. Suppose speed is an area that needs to be rectified.

And today, running at 6a.m. from Bukit Aman felt like running in a race. There were so many runners around, the carpark was full! And seeing them crossing the Jalan Duta towards Kompleks Kerajaan etc in the dark and silent highway feels like seeing these, err... us, runners crossing a rite of passage towards Petronas Hartamas. I did not make it to Petronas today, but I bet it must have been like a beehive at 6.45a.m.

I must do this next week, insyaAllah.

Running alone along that route in the dark is even absolutely safe too. This I feel, would be great if I have some errands to do in the morning without sacrificing my runs... (selfish sunggoh!)
Back to Hal Higdon - the Sundown's programme will not kick off until end of Jan, so I have some time to fool around.

Have a great week ahead, people...


mumsprecious said…
alamak....dah nak join trail running like Jake Sully?Adventurous for you, but it seems dangerous to me... Please dear, be extra extra careful if it were those trail running you would like to be in. Suspense woo i ngan anak2 tunggu u balik...... Anyway, be safe.
Syah: Heed mumsprecious' advice. Hello Mrs Syah!

And you should call this bootcamp, aper exercises?
Diket said…
It's a friendly program as long as you don't miss the long runs. Pakcik Hal sedia membantu. The rest is up there in your heart & mind. All the best bro.

I'm eyeing the energizer with a 12 week program but yet to decide. Training for 30k pun macam pasembor daaa :D
gerbera said…
U r a runner when u can stop thinking about running.

Like me pantang nampak running spot and cakap " ni best ni kalo lari kat sini ni"

Kalo lari kat tempat gelap, pakai kasut yg ada lampu2 tu ok jugak kan. Iris sure nak satu. Hehe
Che said…
shah - havent watch it yet, but i dont mind organizing it for GBS :) sounds like fun :P

dont worry kak, we, the GBS will take a good care of him, kan shah? hehe.. we always run for fun, with safety always the first priority. :) but selalunya kena sayur dengan dia :P
amsyah said…
aisey... wifey risau takut I trail run dengan somebody like Neyiri je heheheh. OK OK, will be very careful

Diket : bawak pasembor masa run ka? orang berenti minum air, aku kenen kau punye pasembor ok...
Eh tapi ada training for malam run ka? hang buat simulation la sikit for energizer ok...
amsyah said…
gerbera... kalau yang lampu kelip kelip tu memang best kan, especially dengan adanya 2 larian sebelah malam in feb and march...

Che - Avatar is a must see. Mesti try itu 3D punye version and try catching the ashes and leaves hahah. GBS mesti tengok... bawak anak2 sekali.
(mana ada sayur bro, kita lari sama sama je kan...)
Diket said…
Aiyo! Bro. Kalu pekena pasemboq masa run, kita jalan balik la or tahan teksi :D

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