What do you think it is?

I am appalled at the thought of a disabled driving a cool BMW 325i, which in today's world, is not impossible when sky is the limit. Afterall, a disabled should not be stereotyped to being dependant, weak and lifeless.

But life is most of times, cruel and so in your face that we are numbed by the power of our imagination. The world is so polluted in our mind that some people are still happy to be ignorant morons.

That car above, my friends, belongs to an obese, 40-plus professional (an Architect nonetheless) man whose fat falls off his pants like an oversized muffin. There were plenty of carparks just 50metres upfront, but this guy paraded his car just in front of the entrance to the Prime Minister's Office.


Anonymous said…
Wow you sure are angry. Maybe he was in a rush to go to the loo kot.

Che said…
kena sensored no. plate tu. takut kena saman.
but its a common sight here in Putrajaya.
amsyah said…
mech : takde lah, he was in the same conference with me hahahah

che : eheh biar kene saman. we should stop covering up and protecting these culprits. kata orang yg ada power ni, dah civilised, tapi macam 3rd world citizen je :) peace...
Julin Julai said…
what to do? put two fist together also get half.
seems that his car don't match his brains.

I've got a better pic. A police car parked at the handicap parking (and the officer went to pray at a nearby surau)
How do you sum that up?
amsyah said…
JJ : ain't that is true. Speaking about our law enforcers, kan, I always why wonder why they are the only ones on the road not strapping their belts.

Malaysia Boleh!
But I like muffins :) Ala…kreta dia pun bukan seberapa pun. Semua pun metal jugak.

Tak payah lah nak show off. And I hate show offs. Especially when they show off their material stuff like branded bags or shoes. PLeezzeeee…orang ada sepuluh diamond pun tak menunjuk. Baru satu dua, seluruh kampung bagitau. Ceh ceh

Sorry merapu kat sini. Tompang lalu encik syah
Yimster said…
It's insane seeing this daylight robbery happening. Somehow, the rich tend to think they are the law and they have the right of way, each time, every time. Society seems to be going to the dogs at the end of the day me thinks.
gerbera said…
Ish..rasa nak pukul je.Ini bingai namanya. Bingai is tak faham bahasa or he really want to be an OKU.

Polis, sila saman.wopss polis pun tak boleh diharap.
amsyah said…
kash - betul lah tu, bila nak bagi kitorang tengok diamond-diamond you tuh heheheh

yimster : it's just sheer ignorance. o well, he could have borrowed that car from his wife and left his brain in the toilet at home

gerb : jangan jadi doa cukup lah, silap2 one day mmg jadi OKU hahaha
Anonymous said…
hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day! http://kantahanan.blogspot.com/
are you saying he's disabled because h's fat?

tsk tsk tsk =p
life is journey...

katamu dulu:
'engkau, aku, dia dan mereka semuanya daripada longkang yang sama'
amsyah said…
tagskie - hello there, and what a raunchy link you have there (the other one, I mean). Have a great day!

NAMOYAKI - eh kenapa petikan sajak itu sungguh familiar! macam kenal je?

Ayien ; betul jugakkan, or his mental retard is his disability, and therefore, he is forgiven hahahah
amsyah said…
namoyaki - NALLEEEQ!

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