Asam Pedas Nyonya, Cendol Baba and BBQ

I have forgotten the buzz of final exams feels like, mine being the last 5 years back. Even then, the studio took the whole chunk of passing marks which I did enough. The core subjects were mostly marked based on fieldworks, and very little from reading formulas etc.

What it felt like sitting for GBI finals was grueling, even locking myself inside and cooking my books and later drink its water did not work. I was merely flipping through. In the evening, I dragged Iris and wifey to the pool and did my laps. Just to make an excuse, and tire myself down so I could hit the sack early. Yes my friends, I was never a bright student.

Regardless, the exams were over, and the presentation, regardless how bad it was, was done and over with. We have done anything in our power and capacity to do what we have to do, I have learnt a great deal about my industry and the green index etc. Now, we wait for the results, and whether we are better practitioners to serve the industry.

After all that, I quickly whisked my family to Melaka for wifey’s office getaway, and the was quite breezy. Melaka. It was in Nilai when I realized both my running gears are in the other car. There goes my runs. I actually need them, as any getaways with wifey’s friends includes non-stop eating. It somehow converges between breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner, and into supper. And Melaka to me and wifey, means a lot of delicious food.

Our first stop was Bandar Hilir, where I scouted for a Masak Asam Pedas 5 Rasa – and the stall belongs to the aunt of my Consultant. We make it a point to never leave home on an empty stomach, and the fact that Melaka is only 90 minutes away, I quickly tapau-ed 2 dishes, and headed to Jonker Walk where we would never miss Café 88 for its gigantic currypuff and roti goreng, to have those with Cendol Baba.

After making few wrong turns since our last visit ages ago, we reached the shop, now renamed Jonker88. It is located near Geographer’s Café, and you’ll see a beeline outside. This time, as the currypuffs are temporarily suspended, we had some asam laksa and the cendol, with the laksa spilled with hefty fish meat and light coconut sauce. And the cendol with melted brown sugar and thick coconut milk – delish!

The owner tak bayar pun for this free promotion, but truly a delight (halal by the way)

Over 20 types of cendol! But the original is still favourites of many (look at the nata de coco cendol - colourful!)

Itu auntie jual laksa. The could be more hygenic with the hats actually, but that auntie whipped the laksa in seconds!

Laksa Asam Nyonya under torture - tak sempat ambik gambar

Laksa Asam Baba - kenot beat the Nyonya version

The killer cendol. Have few of this and risk a brain freeze.

The cool ambience of an old courtyard in an old Chinese shophouse. Convert this into a home for a super-chic lifestyle! There is an old music box which plays traditional songs, wallau, feels like transported back to the past!

Super happy customers

This, times 5. Bring to midnight, and lots of jaw-exercise!

After lounging in the courtyard listening to old Chinese songs, we headed to Pengkalan Balak for our respite. By the time we arrived there, friends were already preparing fire for the BBQ. Fishes, squids, prawns, otak-otak, chicken, lamb, nasi goring, satay, fruits etc were aplenty to carry out through to midnight when we caught up with the many gossips (Siti Nurhaliza survived another day) and made fun of each other.

The initial plan to hit the pool or run by the beach (barefooted) did not materialize, of course. The guys joked around that I should have ran the PNM that night, and drive back to Melaka shortly afterwards. They know how to poke me where it hurts hahahha…

The morning comes with a fresh nasi lemak, curry puffs and pulut bakar, with strong coffees and tea by the pool, which was a shocker. The pool is only 10 feet long. One push and I’ll hit the other end already. Anyway, Iris was super excited with many kids splashing around too. It is a competitive streak in her that puts up a challenge, and after a few minutes, she completely ignored us.

Then we hit the beach, but could not swim either as the beach is full of seaweed and mud at the bottom. And somehow the fresh grim reminder of a supposedly croc attack in PD about 20km away, and fresh sightings of saltwater crocs in Melaka this week prevented me from going in. Takut lah pulak, with the murky water, and we spent hours building sandcastles and watched the fishermen at the shore. One of them gave us free bucket full of fishes, which we later grilled instantly (makan lagi!).

All was well, and we parted ways by noon. Arrived KL, and then we were able to sample the masak asam that we bought the day before, with hot rice and veges. Aza – I gotta hand it to you, the masak asam siakap was unbelievable…

Lunch done, and the rest of the day was spent calmly as we have not been doing that for the past weeks. Swim in the evening, dinner, DVD at night, sleep early… no need to study anymore… I am just pissed that it will Monday again next day. Ahh, might as well.

Hope runner friends have enjoyed their PNM and weekend. I have certainly enjoyed my cheat week.


Have always love Melaka food. I go to Melaka on my work trips and I always, always have the Nyonya Asam pedas and the Cincaluk telur dadar. You had a really awesome weekend! I want my cheat week too! Hehehe
Yimster said…
Forget about the exams, its a done deal already. Pick up your sneakers and do what you love best, well after such a magnificent cheat week. Isn't every week a cheat week for everyone? :P
Faisal said…
Mr Syah, you forgot about your paragraphing in this post lah.


Anyway, that was quite a feast you had there in Melaka. I will definitely ask you first for all the food stalls that I must visit if I go to Melaka.

And for the 10-feet long pool, it should be converted into a fish pond instead. At least there will be ample free space for them to swim around.

Diket said…
It was a mistake to read this entry at this time. Now I'm starving & looking forward for a super early dinner. Air liur dah meleleh beb...
amsyah said…
Kash : Training for an Ultra, am sure you have lots of cheat weeks hahah. Melaka food memang sedap!

Yim : tokleh la every week, once in a while ok lah for me. if not how to maintain a physique like yours, kan hehehe

Faisal : sorry bro - terlalu excited and still high from the asam pedas! And the pool tu, ishh, frust betullah... tapi, cannot expect more from a chalet anyway. Janji niat ada, apa orang kata? only the thoughts counts? hahahha

Diket : tu lah, Melaka tak buat event lari ka? kalau tak memang bagus buat trip makan2
shuklazim said…
melaka, not really my kind of place. tapi nengok photo macam best. jom kita lari lari kat melaka...
Faisal said…
Wahaha! Now it's much better. Complete with photos of your food escapapde.

Btw I didn't know Malaysians use the word "wallau". Hehe! Here we use that word accompanied with "wey" after it.

Eg: Wallau wey! Your photos of the food are all so appetising leh.

ian yusof said…
Jonker 88 is my fam's fav too. The best ever cendol in the whole wide world! (ok, don't push it)

p/s my family used to stay in malacca for several years, and we really enjoyed the stay. Did you try the Klebang Kuew Teow soup? delish!
amsyah said…
shuk : while taste is very subjective, I can only suggest you the cendol. you arrange for a Melaka holiday, we go run-run :D

Faisal :hahah love the pasar-ness of chinese language

Ian : Klebang kuew teow? mesti try lah next time! katmana in klebag? as now they have ripped the shorelines with land reclamation - I was lost to find the makan2 place there last wiken - semua nampak lain lah

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