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It has been weeks, no, months since the last time I spent meaningful hours in the gym. Without any programs, I was literally straying with no direction, making peace with myself - consoling myself that I would somehow find elusive 6-packs, like freshly opened durians.
It is a tall order - what was I thinking?

Well, getting to the gym 5-days/weeks doing supersets in a packed 16-weeks program is, well, tough. In between all that, there were Creatines, Wheys, half-boiled eggs, skimmed milks, lots of food and proteins and many, many sore muscles. I might not be doing it, or eating right enough to see tangible results. Perhaps I'd get the packs and tones on my second try. To date, I have yet to lock on any program. I have enough things to kill time, and lesser time to do it.

This long break, I am taking time to get myself together and know what are my micro and macro targets. Losing weights is no longer a priority. And I am now not in a position to bulk up, so it's really to maintain whatever physiques I have now. I am after all, should be grateful. This has been the best time, yet.

For now, the regimes remained status quo.
Current weight - 77.7kg. Still one pack on my tummy.


Anonymous said…
I used to carry weights too albeit at home (too lazy to go to the gym), as I bought myself two adjustable dumbbells. But I was getting bulky with all that weight-training and with my hobbit-height, I looked like the Michelin Man.

Since I dropped that regime and exchanged it with swimming, cycling and running, I discovered that my strength has not really diminished that much.

So I think it's all good.
amsyah said…
mech : hobbit height? hahahah you can't be that high

definitely love swimmers' body type, but still I think we need weights, albeit lighter, to maintain fitness. but triathlete training is definitely taking a huge chunk of the required regimes. penat ooo, but sungguh high!
ziff71 said…
Bro. One pack is great compared to a meatloaf hehehe. Dun u think ur weight is just ideal for your height. I think i am about the same height as u but current weight is 85kg...Dush!!! long way to go :(
amsyah said…
ziff - I have had many meatloaf before... potong buat puding roti pun sodap hahaha

85 is going good, bro! I just lose 1kg/weeks saja... malas, bukan macam geng2 the biggest loser :)
ziff71 said… also kenyang with many meatloaf. My record was 100+kg at the age of 32, built up after i got my second child. Luckily woke up in time frm my self denial to keep the number in check.
amsyah said…
ziff, aku rasa story hang sama lah... only my second child is coming next month. hopefully aku tak start eating unnecessarily.

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