Mini Biathlon, and the Report Card

Today I was again privileged to run. I have earlier prescribed an LSD back-to-back, in plain and dumb realisation that I do not have a plan for Energizer (the current plan is for Sundown, and Energizer is ideally stuck in between). With a month to go, my plan to run full seems suicidal. But hey, my wife could choose to deliver on that very day, and I would be scrambling, driving like a madman and be excited at the hospital etc etc, that Energizer may not be possible at all. But for now, I need a plan. That plan is LSDs, back-to-back... and have it easy with a tempo and a hill on weekdays.

Will it work? No idea whatsoever.

Anyway, the morning started with Diket, Zamri and another friend stretching at Bukit Aman, with Shuk peacefully coiled under his duvet, in what seemed like a delayed run, as many runners have already left in hordes. We caught up with Nik Arief and the gang doing final preps for IM next week. I ran with Diket, and the remaining pair slightly behind, towards Jalan Duta/Matrade. Riding on Diket's blue calves, we lost sight of the pair before Kompleks Kerajaan, and I said bye-bye-bye to Diket at Duta Tropika, where he was off towards Hartamas.Carcosa etc, chasing to peak at 32k; while I returned to Masjid Wilayah, and back.

I stopped for a water break at the Laman Tunku, sipping water and contemplating of ditching Double Hills. But as they say - glory is forever (chewah!), I hobbled on just as Zamri came past en route back to carpark. I must conquer, no wait, make Double Hills effortless, and off I went.
This journey back, running alone gave me a lot of time to reflect on a lot of things - which now may sound or seem too dramatic, so I'll spare us all. It is just not too beautiful an image to have work creeping in my mind amidst the cool morning air and serene route along Double Hills. Really - Double Hills route is really peaceful, and I quite like it now.

After all is done and I made it back to Bukit Aman in one piece, I rushed to Bukit Jalil for P.O.S. 2, with what seemed to be a stupid mistake - not enough stretching. Always, always, always next time.

Swimming at Bukit Jalil Aquatics gives me an impression that I have got a promotion from swimming in apartment pools (hahahaha). And the guys (Kash, Nik, Nadia, Fong, kabusgunung) were very kind to litter many, many invaluable tips and advice.
The mistake during running paid off with massive cramps on both calves halfway through the lap, but after some stretching, all is well. I was also not hydrating enough apparently - being too excited to swim with the big boys/girls.

In the big pool, I was anxious to find out how swimming 50m and back would feel like, and as what Kash and Fong said, I held my head too high above water, which I know exactly why - I was sighting where the end is. I was really nervous as to when do I stop, as I normally stop almost every 25-30m. Yeah, anxious is the word. But, needless to say, I am still blue in swimming, so taking baby steps now.

Finished swimming 16 laps (800 metres), and left feeling happy, and not sure why am I doing brick training, but all is good. When we left, Nadia and Fong still doing laps - perenang tegar!

And today, we received a shiny new report card from Ian, courtesy of Corporate Athletes - a Karada Body Composition Scan. The last scan was FRIM October last year. The verdicts are (and reading from 04 October 2009 in the brackets);

Weight : 76.6 kg (80.9kg)
Body Fat Percentage : 15.2% (15.7%)
BMI : 22.1 (23.4)
Body Age : 32 (wallau wey!) (34)
Calorie Level (kcal) : 1769 (1843)
Skeletal Muscle Percentage : 37.3% (37.7%)
Visceral Fat Level : 6.0 (7.0)
Trunk Subcutaneous Fat Percentage : 9.4% ((10.1%)

* Am grateful what running does to me, but the recent weight loss is contributed to the swims.
* Kenot get lots of skeletal muscle % as have not been spending much time trying to bulk up, which is fine
* Need to stop weight loss now


Sharif John said…
Karada body composition scan.... I've done mine scan. but its slightly different from yours... I heard that its quite expensive..
Nice effort bro
Julin Julai said…
your entries are always so humble tapi orang lain kata you're the very terer..hehe..good job!
ziff71 said…
syah - ur report made ignorant ppl (like me) think that doing Bkt Aman-Hartamas with double hill in between is peanut. Just like when at a karoake session some ppl excitedly choosen Siti's song (yg high key lagik) since they saw in TV Siti sang that song efforlessly. The truth is lari kat carcosa route pun dah mengah :)
shuklazim said…
body fat 15% memang avatar beb.

today struggle nak abih kan 20k, nasib baik with Akif kalau sorang2 sure ada diskon.
amsyah said…
John - Ian was kind enough to provide free scan hahaha. Good deeds will be returned tenfold, may Allah bless him!

Doc - Thanks. I am not the terer, one :) just a guy trying to keep his old weights off saja. I still suck big time in improving PBs etc, but I just try to have fun. With good friends around, that is very hard not to do hahaha

ziff - slow2, sure boleh. kalau kenot, there's always another day. It is always great if can do it togedergeder. gossips, esp abt Dato Siti kills the time without fail hahaha

shuk - tak tengok body fat Nik lagi... huh dasyat hahahah. Hari ni 20k kiara - jln duta macam biasa ka? ni mesti pasal nasi dagang nih... beras dia tu memang bisa hahahaahah, ikan aye pun bisa jugak hahahahahahahahahahahaha. welcome back bro!
nice one syah! you have a body of an athlete!
Diket said…
Bro, 1st of all our buddies were Saiful & Zaidi - not Zamri. Perhaps Zamri is the touke kedai makan at the carpark. Heheh.

And secondly, if you think that our pace was fast, please remind me. I don't have footpod nor GPS. My only gauge was our constant sembang =) Thanks again bro.

Kalau body fat aku lagi ngeri kot. Hahaha.
amsyah said…
thanks kash - hope I have an athlete's heart into my 60s and beyond hahah

Diket - zaidi, itu sebab la masa aku type nama tu, sebut zaidi, tapi taip zamri hahah. and saiful, registering now, thanks.
Our pace was fine with me, I was just labouring with heavy breathing from 2 days of house cleaning, with dust and dirt in my lungs. I was within my heartrate (do not have the pod meself). jom lari lagi nx week

Kau kena tambah body fat sikit bro, bagi padding hahaha
Fong said…
hei, i didnt know u just started swimming in Jan =) ur swim is very fast =) byk2 swim sure ble adapt cam long run...
ziff71 said…
talking about body fat, ni ler geng2 tak boleh cubit kat pinggang pasal muscle ajer kat situ hahahaha. Tp kalau wife korang cubit sure geli gak ;)
amsyah said…
fong - thanks sifu, I have a long way to go. it need a lot of work, and your comments really helped with keeping the head lower. see you next week?

ziff - lol, pandai la kau. tapi love handles mesti mau simpan sikit ahahah. Eh this wiken we'll do bukit aman - hartamas. Jom?
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Talking about my body fat... who wants some extra? I got plenty... hehe.

Syah, thanks for the 100plus at the pool.
ziff71 said…
shah - saturday or sunday?

Nik - u need to donate muscle not fat hehe
amsyah said…
Nik - jual kat pasar malam buleh ka? No sweat on 100+, memang selalu spare pun

ziff - saturday lah, lepas tu kita gi swim geli-geli? saturday ni i'll do macam biasa, depending on angin kus-kus, we'll see

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