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It's a long break for me, but unfortunately wifey doesn't have any.

On Saturday, I joined CA's POS in Bukit Jalil, which of course not to do the entire 1.5km, but more of getting in the groove swimming with friends. It is always good to do things but with yourself. There were Ian, Kash, Nadia and Che when I arrived, already 'sprinting' their way doing laps.
As Iris was kicking in the wading pool, I warmed up and did few laps. What I realised in swimming, I lacked coordination in breathing. I pulled my head too high up when inhaling, created drag and kicked more, therefore uses more energy, and tend to limit myself staying calm underwater. It is an art I have yet to master, even in running.

With Che gone after few laps, the rest blitzed the pool with 60 laps. My goodness.

The rest of the day involved driving to Kuantan, and to return to KL after maghrib. It was a hell driving past Karak, and a smooth ride en route home to KL. When in Kuantan, we had a kenduri with nasi minyak etc, a long nap afterwards, an ice-cream birthday cake (Happy Birthday, Sayang!), chicken rice and others. No visits to relatives are complete without saboteurs trying to keep you off-track. hahahah... anyway, they meant well, and being warmly relatives that they are trying to provide us good (relatively) food.

Sunday was actually dragging myself out the front door with guilt of the many greasy food I have had the day before. Heck, I even let myself a bowl of chicken rice for supper (coz it was sooo good...). Knowing many runners will be absent for the long break, it will not be as happening in Bukit Aman. Still, constantly reminding myself of moving around with my running shoes has become a sort-of-a mantra - no wait - honestly? ... an addiction.
It's no longer about losing weight, really although going back to where I was is no longer an option at this point, given a choice. An addiction - I can live with it.

Arrived Bukit Aman at 7 a.m. in a deserted carpark. Few CAR were seen starting their runs, and some hardcore fellow Chinesemen were seen putting serious faces and left the carpark. But really, the time is late. As I left the carpark, they had just switched of the lights. I was so disoriented, I had left my HRM and watch in the car, so I cannot gauge on the actual distance and time.
It was a quiet and peaceful run from Bukit Aman towards Jalan Duta, up towards Matrade into Dutamas, back into Duta Tropika and Nusantara, into Hartamas with a loop over Petronas and rest. I caught up with Kash and Doris running from Kiara towards Duta - doing their Girl's Run together. Petronas was also uneventful with isotonics, a piece of chocolate, and some stretching. It was here I bumped into Epin and MatNoor - Ironman and triathtletes alike running Bukit Aman - Hartamas - Equestrian Park - Hartamas - Bukit Aman (wallau wey!).

I went on running back towards Duta, and have another pit stop to drink at the Jalan Duta crossover. I have a dendam berahi for the Double Hills, and I meant to conquer it that very day. It took my time away during the 30k last month, and I am still bitter with the fact that it cannot be that punishing in the first place.
Finished my isotonics, and quickly slipped into the road leading up. The Double Hills quickly beckoned, and I slowly trudges on. No stop... no bloody stop, you trusted feet! I was plodding so slowly with heads turning left and right admiring the many beautiful homes around. And when I passed an empty house, I killed time thinking how much money do I need to buy one of those babes (of course I would never have enough). Luckily, this time the Double Hills are conquered and I was happy to slide down Jalan Girdle and into the mainstream path again, joining MatNoor and Epin on their way back.

After DHs, I ran with Epin for awhile before he dropped off to join MatNoor at the back. It was an even quieter run back to Bukit Aman with me running alone. At the Bank Negara, I stumbled onto Patsy Yap - a multi Ironman herself in her 60s (ayoyo!) 'melayan perasaan' running back. Said hi, and I left her alone as I made my way back - I promised wifey to take her out for her birthday, and chill at Delicious.

LSD done for the week. I think I lack speed intervals and hills, which need a lot of work in view of the Towerthon, ENR and Sundown - if I do not wish to be smoked by the rest of the gang. The rest of the weeklong break will be spent to correct my front crawl breathing in the pool, and practice my 'frog' kick (breaststroke daa...).


Anonymous said…
Wow another congrats is due for conquering that Double Hills.

After this I'm sure no hills will be big enough to stop you in your track.
amsyah said…
mech - there will be a hill and 2000+ steps to be conquered up KL Tower next month hahaha.
Che said…
pergh.. pelari tegar :P i spent my holiday.. well, holidaying! haha.. see u @ another night LSD? bila tuh?
ian yusof said…
amsyah - U went out and ran the entire route yourself? .... goodness gracious! ..... u shld join me and Dr. Zana at Putrajaya on that day.
amsyah said…
che - larian bersalah hahahah. Night LSD soon kat Cyberjaya, mebbe first week march. stay tuned

Ian - yeah I did, ramai runners bercuti, so agak kesunyian. Thot of driving to Putrajaya so early tak berapa appealing, lah... reminds me of my Clients too much hahahah

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