The Year of the Tiger

If one thing we could learn better from our Chinese friends is they values what goes into a healthy body, mind and soul.

I got myself this pack as the BigBoss is tossing around his CNY hampers on the last day before the long break, and inside there are dates, bamboo chopsticks (very green product), seaweed, small packet of bird's nest, dried mushrooms and some herbal stuff inside the small red box.

What I got for my Hari Raya hampers? Many crackers, crappy snacks, crappy cordials, crappy chocolates etc. OK, we all know, and we all have received some. Although I do not condone receiving hampers as professionally it could be misconstrued, but what we have in the office, we share.

For instance, I have long bitch about what teachers serve to kids at kindergartens and schools etc. And birthday parties - full of crappy comfort food. I once brought a basket of fresh fruits to Iris' school event, and the teacher jokingly pulled my legs. I am not that health-conscious, lah, but some sort of understanding and effort need to be put forward. We understand there is a fine line between being an advocate, or superficial.

As the hamper goes, I give all my hampers away too.

TO Chinese friends - Happy Chinese New Year, and have a roaring Year of the Tiger. My 2nd daughter will be roaring out soon!


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