01/2010 - Prologue

I am in doubt if I ever improve my PB come tomorrow night. The way how careless I am in approaching this as compared to SCSM'09, I am sure is punishable by torture. Why am I not backing off?
Well, this, I pressume to be Peak 2 for Sundown, a night simulation. Suppose this will help overcoming the intimidating Sundown.
But this is the time doubt tickles my heart and brain, and sends all havoc messages to calves, knees etc, to show signs of rejection. Talk about making excuses. After the mini LSD in Shah Alam last Saturday, I have not ran a single miler. Hope today I could do a light 5k, perhaps running around this neighbourhood. Both feet have been frozen.

Regardless, I will be there after my mild attempt to swap to a HM bib failed, alongside other friends/weekend warriors to take on the road again. The air will be festive, and I shall seek comfort in their kind words. Hopefully it will tame the nerves and thunder in me.

While driving from KLIA yesterday around 6.30p.m., the airport was about to receive the thunderstorm, and looking at Putrajaya/Cyberjaya side, it looked heavy and gloomy. A quick weather update from MET, it refers to afternoon that spans beyond 7p.m., so I expect the first 2 hours of the run will be wet, and next 2 hours to be cool and breezy, and the rest as hot, hot and hot (and humid). Lucky we runners do not suffer the fate of an F1 driver who has to choose either dry or wet tyres pre-race.

Tonight I will spend time to look into pre-race prep - always the best part when shopping for food etc. Schedule a massage, and spend the rest of tomorrow noon resting. Been carboloading for few days, probably gained a couple of pounds. I have yet to map the running course in my mind, hopefully I could reach Cyberjaya early tomorrow and drive around if that's possible.

To friends going for Energizer tomorrow, have fun, run safely and finish strong. I hope we won't experience storm and lightning etc.


..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Sediakan Powergel sebelum hujan!

Syah, go for it. PB or not, a marathon is still a marathon, nothing is easy about it.

All the best! Kasi asap sama itu Cyberjaya..
Che said…
all the best bang! see u if i see u yer? (tp kena jumpa dulu nak amik glowies) calling2 ya?
Cikna said…
All the best dear! Conquer the Cyberjaya, so lepas nie sure dah tau jalan2 and building kat CJ. I won't feel oblige anymore to give proper direction to my office(though I always give confusing guide to RBC,:)
Diket said…
Good luck bro. Godwilling all of us will succeed.
Yimster said…
All the best syah, block them all off and do your best. getting to the ending line is key here
crushhio said…
syah can do it!
amsyah said…
yeah Nik... a bloody long one. ni nak gi beli makanan nih

che - thanks. will call soon.

Hon - ni takde keje kat rumah la ni ehhehe, pesan nasik lemak satu!
amsyah said…
diket - thanks. bsok bawak poncho sekali

yim - tunnel vision now.

syed - yes we can!

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