Itsy, bitsy spider, climb up a water spout...

Most of us have kids, and gone through the process when babies demands so much time in everything in their status of just being a dependent well-being. And we all have seen (or seeing) these babies growing up and demanded less of us and more of their friends.
When Iris was born - I was not even concerned to read food labels at all. Now that baby Aiden is here, I have to learn to compromise - fast. Well, I saw it coming, but I somehow had foolishly hoped it will not render me err... immobile.

Come what may : family will always be first. Period.
I would not give it to missing the girls growing up for the world. But that is not the purpose of this blog, which looks at a bigger picture of the journey to being heathy for myself and family.

So, what has changed in daily exercise needs to be compensated somehow. Sacrifice, as Sir Elton John would sing it, just a simple word... but it ain't so. My morning gyms will have to go as I need to fetch Iris to her playschool.

The lunch-break swims are good, albeit the limited time frame.
The evening runs are still ok, and I am ok running come rain or shine.
LSDs - will now have to start a lot earlier, and finish earlier. Pack iced Milos at home, and drive home like crazy post run for the Milo. But I reckon anything beyond a 30k-er will be pushing it.
Long swims on weekends - will try once and see. I probably have to go to a closer public pool.

Hmm - only gyms are severely affected.I suppose gyms could be during running off-days, even though that alone is not enough. This ain't so bad. The new baby has not meddled with me in trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So far so good.

Man, it feels like forever since the last run. Of course it has not been, but it felt that way.
I miss my runs : the feeling of free air, trying to beat the traffic, rush between the last paperworks in the office, and putting on the shoes.

Today I took it to the park, and 6.5k was all I could muster before I had side stitches. It's been a while since I had those. But I felt springy, and pace was ok. It was almost awfully crowded at KLCC today, which makes it easier to target pacers, which amongst them are few Pacemakers. But, lately the eating plan is all over the place, and I could feel the energy lacking.

Earlier today, I have been feeling quite good and relaxed in my swim. The first 200m non-stop front crawl, as what friends have mentioned as a warm-up lap, starts to feel effortless. This afternoon, I did a 550m swim (200m + 100m + 100m + 100m + 50m) with 100m wall breaks. The shoulders, especially right one feels a little stiff after the swim, but had not been in the way in work whatsoever.
Was doing a little of breaststroke practice when the pool boy came and politely asked me to leave the pool.

Truth is, lunch-break swims only allows for a 700m max on a given day, and I am very contented at this point.
Note : No lunch before the swim. What works so far is some bread and water, 30 mins prior. Lunch after the swim, although tergopoh-gapah, but was far more illustrious even though it was just a cold chicken pasta.

How do you train for a triathlon is still beyond me. Looks like a bike at this point of time will have to wait longer.


Syah, if you want to run 30KM, bring the stroller (the 3 wheeler ones), I'll run with her. There's two things that I always wanted to run with 1) baby stroller (with baby inside) 2) a dog. Bizarre, isn't it? Hehehe
amsyah said…
kash - boleh sorok botol air, karipap etc, kan... bagus hahaha

running with a dog would be nice!
Che said…
running with a dog at your back lagi best.. stray dogs .. haha..

seems life a bit hectic eh with the new family member. adjust a bit and you'll do fine. cant wait for them to grow up and pace together with me.. hehe.. (takmo ah tolak stroller, lari diri sendiri pun x larat) :P
Yimster said…
It's adapting to changes syah. Oooh and running with a stroller puts up more training resistance which is good :)
Fong said…
hey, u stay near gombak? if u want to do long swim... go siantan pool, at selayang bbs =) no need go bj so far.. normal people need average adjusting period : 2-3months =)
ziff71 said…
Syah, its common to make certain adjustment and from your post, I think u are doing well :)
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
My daughter likes the malay version of the itsy bitsy spider song...

Let's go karaoke!!! (ceh, takde kena mengena langsung).

You'll do alright bro.
"Quitters never run, runners never quit."
amsyah said…
che - dogs behind tu mmg bagi turbo speed... improve PB hahaha

yim - adapting it is. we adapt to changes everyday, so I'll be alright

fong - am at tmn melati. siantan pool, eh... ni kat mana? dekat the selayang stadium? bj so the far but so nice - feels guilty keeps polluting the earth hahaha. thanks!
amsyah said…
ziff - hopefully I could be as active, coz the day I stop adapting to changes and sorting out priorities, it's the end of everything heheheh. tapi biasa lah manusia - we want to win everything :D

nik - karaoke - green box jommm... bawak mic masa ENR ok hahah
Julin Julai said…
you'll get used to the new schedule. And so will the baby. Tengokla, once she can speak and she sees you not running on weekends, she'll gasp," Ayah tak larii????????"
amsyah said…
doc - hahah, mmg betul. that's Iris' general comment nowadays (wihout gasp!). rasa bersalah sungguh :)
Anonymous said…
Wallau wey!

At this rate you are going, you certainly can smoke me during swimming.

Amaze at your awesome progress.

Must call you Master Syah from now on.

Well done!
amsyah said…
mech - eh belum wallau wey lagi... I am nowhere near being a novice yet :) let alone a master. and kenot smoke underwater summore heehehhe

anyway thanks... I draw inspirations from people like you and kash, really

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