The race is just behind the corner. With friends soaking up their tapering period, I am still having chills from the absence of my peak. This will be a marathon of hentam-sajalah. I'll start from my first step, and see how.

But, since the inglorious night simulation run in Putrajaya before PNM, I am wondering do we need one for Energizer? This will be too late to call for a 20km-er in Cyberjaya? I have not gone through Sundown before, and my night runs are limited to below 9.30 at KLCC Park, and the Putrajaya earlier.
O which reminds me, I better go and pack on Kopiko, or asam boi... Perhaps more caffeine and sugar for that.

What I know for sure, running at night in Cyberjaya will be a lot more dangerous and creepy as compared to the sleepy Putrajaya.
Anyways, anyone doing a night simulation, let me know.


I'm doing night simulation but atas katil lah = tido. Hehhee/ Sorry, kacau2 je lah.
amsyah said…
takpa kash, janan tido tepi jalan je nnt hahaha
ziff71 said…
This weekend for sure aku x leh join kalau ada nite simulation run. Is next weekend possible to be the final 20km LSD run pre ENR, training wise?
amsyah said…
ziff - minggu depan dah kena relax betul2, kalau buat pun ada la 12k je ikut jadual aku. but we'll see ok
Diket said…
my final lsd next weekend is a must. just in case a night run is possible, i wish to join bro. perhaps it could be a social night run if more friends can join.
Anonymous said…
Go for it.

But running at night means extra caution is needed.

You never know who you may encounter.

amsyah said…
diket - ok, we'll see if a 10k is doable in cyberjaya. hello hello lah

mech - hahahah don't scare us bro... tu banyak kawasan gelap tuh!

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