Peaking Energizer?

It is somewhat gratifying when an LSD is done. Without fail, I feel like being washed down by a torrential rain after a hot day. Blissful, the least.
Well, a peak for Energizer feels that, plus the weird bit. I realised, while running (plodding) on my way back to Bukit Aman, that I was not keeping the momentum for Energizer at all, but for Sundown. Energizer will, in fact, is 'the peak', albeit too early for Sundown. It will be another LSD after all, and night simulation at best.

Having said that, Sunday started easy, and a little frustrated at the crowd in Bukit Aman. Usually it feels like going for an actual race, but today spelt Bareno across the empty carpark, and I will run the entire stretch alone. I mostly enjoy pacing people, and 'upgrade' my pacers if possible.
But, not meant to be, I started running in a very cool and generous weather. It ran the night before, and I could not have asked for more.

Running alone, without the presence of many buddies, was really lonely and comforting at the same time. I miss the friendly chatters, but thankful the me slowing down to try to abide to what my HRM was screaming at, won't slow them down. This LSD was spent mostly running, which is quite bizarre - with HRM well below 80%. Never mind the speed, endurance is what I need.

This LSD was fun, and has been stress-free. Sundays should always be stress-free. The only rush was towards the stall for the reward (a can of 100+ and a Milo-O Ais kaw), and drive home for a dip at the pool with Iris. Work interfered with me that day, but having Iris on my back paddling, while I practiced my breaststroke was priceless. It was her first day in the big pool, getting more confident. And looking at the rate of it, I will have to enrol her into a swimming class very soon.
My breaststroke on the other hand, is still in a very sorry state.


ziff71 said…
True shah. Sometimes doing LSD alone would take away the guilty feeling of slowing down stronger running buddies. I was at Swiss Garden Damar Laut, Lumut for my the cuti sekolah family vacation last weekend until yesterday and I met Ian yesterday during breakfast. What a small world :)
amsyah said…
ooo... korang secret treneng kat damai laut ee...hahahah, I ran from the resort to apartment, jetty, beaches etc last year... boleh la, layan bukit hahaha
ziff71 said…
hahaha, treneng geli2 ajer. Nak lari kat luar resort compound x confident pasal the road too deserted, esp. early morning. tapi kalau dpt run in group sure best pasal bukit bukau gak tu frm the main road to the entrance of the resort

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