A Shrek after all...

I wish people would get over their urges to comment unnecessarily, for the sake of being a 'kepoh'. It's flattering when it's done out of concern, it even saves lives sometime, but please, I was always happy if they would spare us some slacks and keep the cheap comments within your toilet doors. Honest, constructive comments/ideas please.

When you are fat, they nagged that you looked ugly and blubber-y. They laughed out loud, called you a hippo (in my case - a Shrek :)
When you are thin, they said you are sick, suspected you contracted AIDS, anorexic, bulimic, etc
When you walk to the shop instead of taking your car, they call you kedekut (nak tumpang pegi lunch la tu...)
When a lady was raped, they snorted as if she was guilty in buka aurat here-and-there
When you made a pot of tea which is too sweet, they said, 'oii, nak bunuh orang ke?'
... etc, etc, etc

Well, human mechanics are very interesting. In a way, I think that it is genuinely important these people are opinionated, and have a say. I myself, do not wish to be a dead log and just watch the world goes by without having any thoughts/ideas. My work is all about rationales, ideas, thoughts, visions. See, people around us are mostly visionaries. We may argue the quality of the visions, but visions nonetheless.

Give me some ideas, an idea... give me a bad idea.

Ideas, in the bigger picture, solves problems (if any), or simply make things work for the better (or worse, depending on the angle).
Then I suppose, the example above of the petty comments/remarks by my colleagues would have some truth in them. It did motivate me to lose weight in the first place. Currently, I have now watch myself to not to lose any more weight. It does not necessarily allows me to eat whatever I want, but I am more mindful now, and keeping the focus off weight loss is somewhat enlightening, and life is more graceful with chocolates, ice-creams etc here-and-there.

My colleagues and close friends have meant well, and I am grateful they are around my belt - a constant reminder, a self-check. And it's free. I appreciate constructive comments, and takes time to understand and digest, and thank them if appropriate.
Today, I got a new one, 'eh, kau makin hitam, lah' (from sneaking out for office-lunch-swim).

What do I do with that? Pakai Pure 'n Lovely ka, Loreal Whitening Cream ka? hahahhah

Well, I suppose these comments are somewhat passing and momentary. Could just be peptalks. Need to always remember to listen to your heart, and do it for self, not to satisfy others.


..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Mulut tempayan takkan boleh ditutup..
Ok, this is my comment to you then..

"Eh, kau dah makin 'Avatar' lah sekarang ni.. "

Hehehehe... just kidding bro.
Have a good Friday n a great weekend my friend. Live life to the fullest!
Julin Julai said…
Nik is right-o. No matter what, ada jeeee nak komen diorang2 nih.
My response is easy.
" Alah, jeles la tuu..haha"
amsyah said…
nik - ye lah tu, aku dah lama tak lari ni... and budu tempayan memang sedap... bawak straw sekali... huhuh

Doc - hehehe, I could almost see your bibir terjuih when saying that hahahaha, I am really laughing now... XD
ziff71 said…
Tu cakap org x puas hati..that is my take on those kind of ppl. Actually we can respond in kind but I always prevent myself from doing so as buang karen ajer layan org2 kaypochi nie :)
Anonymous said…
"Faisal tu makin gelap eh. Pergi exercise semua tapi masih gemuk jer."

A comment, to that effect, made by my own aunty and my mom relayed them to me.
amsyah said…
ziff - the worst is the kaypohchis on the road... accident seberang jalan, tapi jammed bith ways- sibuk nak tengok plate number... bukan nak tolong pun.

mech - hahahahaha ada jugak ka? sama bot lah kita
Diket said…
Does these kephocy phenomenons happen only in Malaysia? I am so tired with the attitude. If I have the mood to counter such an unconstructive comment, that person will surely go flush his head in the toilet bowl.
Cikna said…
sapa yang dok comment camtu kat u tu?
habaq mai kat i sapa yang kaypochi sangat tu...:)

tak kisahle, what i realized when i gave birth to iris, she was your previous version,and when i gave birth to aiden, she is your new version (kakak min muka bulat, adik lynn muka bujur)though diff version, both share the same blood, both are dear to me.No matter what kinda version u were previously and are now, u are the same supportive, loving person with the kind heart i ever knew.

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