Dory : "Where is everybody"

Well, get this - I googled for swimming blogs, and the results were, ermm... not encouraging. We have almost endless running blogs, far and wide. I have befriended many great friends through them blogs etc, but the situation is almost entirely opposite with swimming. 

Why is that? Isn't swimming somewhat similar to running - we swim our own swim? Put on my cap and goggle (of course the shorts too), dip in the pool, and off I go. Like running, I may not need a line, all I need is directions. Even destination is not a prerequisite. How often have I set to start running Bukit Aman to Double Hills but never made it there? Too often kahkahkah!

Swimming is also an affordable hobby. Notwithstanding the unlimited choices for swimming gear etc, it could almost be free to do. Running, too, right? Both have its risks, as all things in life.
On another note, biking blogs are aplenty too. It seems to have garnered momentous significance, that it is unbelievably hard not to like biking. What is not to like? Apart from its fast and furious nature, it helps to reduce carbon emission IF we travel with it to some places. Would I swim to buy a packet of belacan? I could run, or bike, but not swim.

Swimming is a great exercise. Swimmers have gorgeous physiques. Swimmers are able to see the other world underwater, to the privileged some. Not bad, eh this swimming thing. Not all sport activities allows us to shower/be clean (relatively) while having a great workout? I'd just completing my LSD and smelling like a grumpy racoon, and still, fresh shower will not be immediately available (and we are sensible enough not to swim in stench).

Strangely enough, many runners/triathletes swims regularly, the former regime takes precedence. There are tonnes of diet tips pre, during and post race, preparation for LSDs, training plans, hydration plans, race reports etc etc. But, little do I read about swimming. 
It is either it is the least favourable discipline, or people have all grown flippers, and they could swim like Merliah and Elina inside Mermaidia (ok, too much Barbie movies) that there is nothing to talk about. Or swimming is just a medium, because there are tonnes of diving blogs.

What is to say about swimming (in the pool) anyway? There is nothing to see at the bottom, except for some lines off the mosaics. There is no cool air, or views of the rolling hills, or the faint scent of jasmines. We can't converse, gossip about the actor who beats his wife, and gauge our heartrate through laughters. 
Even with companies, swimming is too individual a sport, eh? Perhaps that's it.

It is Week 4 since I started sneaking for my lunch break swims, and into my 4th month of swimming lessons. April is fast ending, and we are scouting around for Iris' swimming classes. She badly need this, and after all, she is kind of bitten my the swim bug lately. Maybe she'll start one blog when she grows older.


Get Eric's other coaches to coach Iris, they swim at the same pool as us.

Syah, after you have taken your swimming out to sea, you will have different stories to tell. You'll be talking about the waves, the taste, colour, smell of sea water, and the vastness of the ocean. Swimming in the ocean to me is like running on the rocky trails. You are not really swimming until you have taken it outdoors. Ditto the running.

When you are ready, we'll go PD OK? Or better yet, Kuantan, the sea was blue the last time I swam.
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Let's write a letter to Aquaria to request some kind of permission to swim inside their aquarium.. mesti best, boleh nampak ikan!
Che said…
haha nik, thats an awesome idea. something stimulating for lazy (overweight) swimmer like me.. haha.. i know, im just bump lazy! :P

shah, best betul tengok bro swim. mcm athlete pro!
i get bored easily. either i hate swimming, or im not that good, or it just not for me? so long Tri then.
ziff71 said…
i also a lazy bump with flawed style swimmer hehehe. Think it may be a bit easier if one stays in a condo. Actually leceh gak nak pergi public swimming pool.
amsyah said…
Kash - bitching about those will be fun, kan? Let's do Redang before the season closes this year. PADI soon!

Nik - buat LSD ngan kerapu.

Che - thanks, bro. saya budak baru belakar, banyak lagi to improve. It is easily boring doing laps and laps, tapi you kick ass in trails and MTB!
amsyah said…
ziff - come to my house, we do makan-makan sekali hhahah. free je :) tapi kena siku ngan budak2 Arab lah heheh
ziff71 said…
syah- takut nanti aku layan sesi makan ajer..hehehe.
Faisal said…
"Would I swim to buy a packet of belacan?"


Only you can think of a one-liner like that.

I like swimming, I adore running but I absolutely smitten with cycling.


Hoping for more swim related posts from you. Maybe tips and advices for land people like me.

ian yusof said…
I have a strong feeling that you'll join us in the swimathon next year, and oh ya, before that, the Singapore Biathlon ...... :)
Diket said…
bro, water bug bit you already eh? cool bro. next mission would be buying a belacan.
amsyah said…
ziff - idea yang bagus :)

Mech - hahah, I'll try from my perspectives. kena bagi swim betul2 dulu

Ian - double gulp!

Diket - lintah darat daa. hmmm - swim across the pool to the kedai runcit boleh laa hahaha
IJAM said…
just to add more friends. I've followed your blog. Wish you could do the same to mine. enjoy reading your blog. keep it comin' - ijam
Fong said…
hei, its nice to swim there.. ever so cold water.. kene swim non stop to panaskan badan.. gud plan lar tu.. =) cgts on ur pb =)
amsyah said…
Ijam - welcome to my space bro... wah kau punya blog banyak gambar besau besau :)

fong - betulbetulbetul... just keep swimming :D
IJAM said…
thanks for visiting my blog & thanks for your comment. The problem is i tak boleh nak balas kat dlm blog sendiri. Tak tau mana silapnya. click2 pun tak boleh jugak, fade up. So, just comment on your blog lah. more thing, i tak tau berenang.
IJAM said…
next marathon (4th one) will be at gold coast. first time kat negara org. tengah kumpul duit ni. Singapore sundown u join?
amsyah said…
Ijam - I think you need to change the blog template, lah. just go to blogger template and choose in the hundreds :)

Gold Coast? best nye... I'll go there after PB-ing 4:30 (in 10 years time) hahaha. Will go to Sundown... tapi dah 2 weeks tak lari kahkahakah

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