Grilled Underwater

The swim class have become more rigorous nowadays. No more slow strokes, paddling, and fooling around. What I know, next class I must come fully prepared - breakfast that is. I had some toasts with 'kaya', and a glass of milk, and that was not enough.

I arrived slightly late, and by the time I hit the pool, we were ready to go, but not without the customary one-arm drill. I have yet to improve on 10 - 11 (right - left), and I love those paddles. It magically transformed my palms 10-fold. But I hate it when we have to lose them for the real deal.
The menu for the day was a 200mx5 drills. I have done mostly 200m swim for my warm-up lap since the last few weeks, and had gone beyond 1k mark, but when the time started, I did not know the full extent of this drill.

My time varied from 4:40 - 4:56, and in the 3rd lap I went beyond 5 minutes because I was losing it. Somehow I couldn't pace myself, knowing others are moving faster. This is the killer, as it was in running before I learned pacing (I am still learning though). Needless to say, it was tough. I wished Eric would allow us more rest times in between, but Eric knows how to drill me into getting my correct strokes, and increase endurance.
Overall, I have enjoyed the drill, and my appetite during lunch confirms it - it indeed was a helluva workout. I have slowly improvised not dropping left arms while pushing and breathing. Breathing is nowhere near improving at a pace I wanted to, but I am warming up to bilateral breathing, which is taough on the left breathing.

A week before my first biathlon, there will be more drills of 100s and 200s to improvise on my strokes, and definitely breathing. Err, kena pegi shopping ke?


Err nak shopping apa syah? New goggles? The 200s drills are crazy fun. The timing tu based on 4 minutes not 2 minutes, kan? Right after class, I went straight down to mamak's for a plate of bihoon goreng. Lapar! See u next Friday.
amsyah said…
eh betul betul, 4 minutes daa... terlebih minum oren hahaha

kash - nak kene shopping ape ek... nnt swim, lepas tu kat transition, pakai je baju run eh? cemas nih... tak payah baju tri kan hahahah

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