Happy Anniversary

It has been a quite positive week so far. The only setback is our pool has been closed for almost 2 weeks now, no thanks to the naughty-ies who threw rocks etc and broke the pool tiles everywhere. It's amazing when you think people from some of the richest countries in the world, comes to stay and enjoy our hospitalities, and doing lots of physical damage to our properties, because they are mentally stupid. Sigh!

Anyway, weekend is coming, and there is no good to shoot our BP over trivial matters out of our control. I just want to write to celebrate my 2-years anniversary with competitive running, if I may say, although I have never won anything. O wait, it's purely recreational.
2 years ago was my first 10k, in the Shoestring Run, running around Kota Kemuning. Months earlier, I have started walking in a bid to lose a lot of weights, and Ian persuaded that I upped my target etc etc, and introduced me to the word 'training', where it sounds like a very long time ago - and peaking at 6k.

I remember it was a struggle, a mighty struggle, even..., and standing among the odd 100-runners that morning was bone-chilling. Runners warming up, stretching their long, slender calves... and by the gun-off, everyody was scampering. An eye-opener really. Like football, I did not know what these runners were chasing for.
Yeah, little did I know.

The rest was running on a mostly flat surface, with Ian on my side, cheering and pushing me on. OK, not cheering, but pushing. I do not remember the exact routes, but I do remember that was the longest 10k I have ever moved. I did 10k at the gym prior to the race, but never taking it on the road.
Man, the fresh morning air, the marshals, the camaraderie from other runners, and the highs from finishing - addictive. So much so, I quickly registered the next race after that. People say that the first cut is the deepest (OK, it was Sheryl Crow), and it was, in a good way.

I didn't run the Shoestring Run this year, as I sent Iris for her trial swim class, but I would have. It was a nice community run, which is nice to be replicated to all small communities all over. I have seen growth in numbers of joggers/runners around my area, which some uncles and aunties I see extending towards Wangsa Maju area. 

This week, I am slowly going back to my runs. Some days were good, and some days I felt my dragging both heavy feet. My hamstring hurts from the physiotherapies (core strengthening exercises), and my back hurt a little running uphills, and my knees felt wobbly and rusty when running downhills. I am staying well within the 50% HR, but it was OK.
Run, FatBoy, Run!

Happy Anniversary, Shoestring!


Show me your before and after pix lah, Syah! Like they say, you have come a long way, baby! Congratulations.
amsyah said…
Thanks Kash... hehehe, itu gambar mau kasi separate entry lah, I was too big hahahah
Yimster said…
Dang, that was you? I wouldnt have known seriously! Good pick me up, and well done 2 years in. Here's to many many gazillion more :)
IJAM said…
Love running...tomorrow going to bidor to register 21km, then back again in KL, the next day wee hours go back again to bidor for the run. Whether can make it or not, no pain no gain baby!! No more runlah this weekend, kinda boring, so, Bidor, here i come!!
IJAM said…
So, next run bila? Ramai2 boleh tegur, kadang2 tak nampak pun..nak tegur malu, tengok muka kt blog je..ha, ha...
ziff71 said…
montel n cute gak kau time tu.....hahahaha. Congrats bro! U have achieved a lot, with now being a member of a blue calves gang. Ni yg semangat nak dptkan keting cam kau hehehe
Diket said…
Sekarang headphone tu pakai lagi tak bro? Happy annivesary Datuk! Nice knowing you. Bila first time kita jumpa eh? I am so forgetful. Aiya!
Julin Julai said…
we want more before after photos! hehe..
p/s first cut is the deepest was Cat Steven's actually but Sheryl did a good cover
tolldoll said…
oh my god... you know what? the first thing i thought of when i saw that picture was "why is he putting on photos of a random guy?" and then i looked closely (practically moved closer to the monitor at work) and I was like, ya rabbi!!

you looked sooooooo different! This is a great motvation for those who think they can't/
amsyah said…
yim - thanks... this will be a reminder of a person I shouldn't be :)

ijam - be careful on the road bro! apasal kau tak tido je kat Bidor? save the environment :) and good luck!
Next kita jumpa di Bomba! Aku mesti tegur kau punya hahah

eh ziff - org kelantan kata come lote hahaha thanks. tapi kalau dapat keting cam diket lagi best!

Diket - lepas aku tengok gambar ni dulu- terus aku campak headphone tu... macam robot daa
Aku rasa first time jumpa lu masa first time lari trail kat kiara :)

Doc - eh, tak bleh la... nnt jadi dr. rozmey huhu. Thanks for the correction - haven't heard the original version yet

nadia - heheh. Ian did a lot of whooping on me, and lots of drills. Berusaha dan bersyukur :D
crushhio said…
syah, i want more 'before photos'! :) u are doing great and inspirational lah bro!
gerbera said…
Unsangkarable la bro. Sumber inspirasi cam gini nih. Kalo letak testimonial kat pamplet ubat2 kurus, sure boleh laku. Before n after. Tapi 2 years ye?
Cikna said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cikna said…
Happy anniversary dear! Praise be to GOD for all the achievements so far. When cud we run as a family?Of course you yang tolak stroller...hehehhehe

'Before' pix? tunjuk gambo kawin, memang i yang 'muda remaja'

Anyway, thanx to Ian for the motivation.

p/s: Mane g headphone tu ek?pass to me.

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