Happy Labour Day?

Seriously, I ought to propose the Government to change the title Labour Day to a more friendly name. We, if claiming to be a developed nation in 10 short years, should we be more civil and not associate work as labourious? It should be fun, honest and mutual, not laboured. 
And why all the bosses (clearly not a labourer) are enjoying this off day too?

Anyway, an excerpt from the Khutbah Jumaat in Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan this afternoon was directed at the, err... this special day for all workforce.

"We, as employees, should work in all honesty, and be true to ourselves. Like our faith to Allah s.w.t., we should produce quality work, and be outstanding in the deliveries of our work, like how we pray, fast, perform the haj, etc. When we are prepared to do our work willingly, the confidence will allow us to serve our Clients/customers/etc better, where the overall quality of work, and satisfying Clients/customers/etc are our responsibility and our mere rights as an employer/worker/service provider.

The qualities/traits that an employee should have are;
(1) dignity and honor in our work
(2) propriety, courteous to others, and be respectful to all level of people
(3) maturity in doing our works, and professional in our judgment
(4) share the accumulated wealth for the benefit of other colleagues and customers/clients
(5) alert in all situations, from all angles, and always be prepared, value all advantages, and re-strategise disadvantages

We should also work very hard (and smart), determined to excel, and set priorities in short and long term goals in our work".

Of course the Imam went on further, but my limited brain stopped remembering details beyond 15 minutes, what with full lunch and swim prior to the prayers. If you read the excerpt above, please discount the need to seek for increments, performance bonuses, contractual bonuses, company car, etc etc etc, as it was after all a Khutbah, and was devoid of our earthly requirements, but those are still valid for us all. Nobody wants to work hard for free.

Happy 'Our' Day, everyone! Too bad it falls on a Saturday this year. Have a good weekend.


ziff71 said…
Opsss, the khatib at Masjid Negara should be using the same text but I could not remember those points. The after effect of the "kas-kas" in my bryani gam may be...dush!
amsyah said…
ziff - tu pun aku ingat-ingat Dory hahahah
But saturday, memang kita cuti pun.
Yimster said…
Me gets a replacement annual leave muahahaaa. Jgn jeles ek. Happy Labour day no matter what
IJAM said…
no wonder la. My wife went to bank islam at 12.00pm today and the clerk said "cepat sikit ye, kita nak tutup, bukak balik pukul 2.30"..yes..go government...!!
Julin Julai said…
heck, I didn;t even notice it was labour day until late this afternoon. apoda
gerbera said…
labour day = public holiday = ramai orang beramai2 keluar berpoya2 di luar rumah. Sesiapa yang taknak berada dalam kesesakan boleh tonton tv dirumah bersama keluarga.
Fong said…
its totally unfair.. labour day shudnt be Saturday!!!
amsyah said…
yeah kash, tapi rugi lah...

yim... jeles jugak ah... tapi kita enjoy jugak lah...

ijam... anything for free holidays...:)

doc - kerja kuat sangat tuh... bagusssss

gerb - hari saudara2 dari bangladesh n indonesia keluar beraya and celebrate the term buruh seadanya hahaha

fong - agree... rugi!!!

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