Swim Recruits - 16/04/10

I had my first taste of a swim race this morning, when Eric timed us in 8x100s. It didn't register well at first, but we were gone, chopping water as soon as the Coach said Go! Nik Arief on one end, followed by Richard, Kash, Day-O, and myself on the other end.
The first thing I realised was how small my palms felt, after I ditched the pedals - like those palms were naked, and baby-sized. The next thing is my laboured breathing, as I wanted to chase for good time.

Dumb choice!

The first set was in 1:40, and it gradually set away to 2:05 as Eric stressed on correcting our postures - (1) forward arm set straight parallel to the body as we come up for air, (2) closed palms, (3) catch the water, (4) etc. 
My common mistakes are dropping my arms as I come up, and arms dipping too low into the water instead of catching. 

Sorry teacher - the first race and I was over-excited. Haha!

We finished our required laps, and I was left gasping and burping, no thanks to the peanut butter for breakfast. I completed my mandatory 1000m days with quite a struggle. The pace was off, and I didn't connect with any rhythm. Ah well, it has been a good workout nonetheless. With my exercise regimes slipping, I am not in a position to complain. 
Post swim, we chatted casually, and it turned out that Richard is also going for Sundown Ultra, and did a 20k run during his lunch hour. Hoh! I swam during my lunch hour. You ran a freaking half marathon on any given afternoon? He added that one of these days, he'd need to run from his house in Mutiara Damansara to Cyberjaya where he works. 

Double hoh! with double exclamation marks!! 
I know I'll never test that water. Heck - I still have Dean Karnazes's 50-50 nicely wrapped and untouched. It's just that what we talked sends a nervous chill with the fast approaching Sundown in merely 5 weeks time? After Energizer... oh, nak sebut pun takut...

Anyway, here's wishing Kash, Ian, kabusgunung and Shyrim a very best of luck for the Kapas - Marang Swimathon this weekend. Swim safe now, and have lots of fun.
I, on the other hand, have lots of reflecting to do :P 


Anonymous said…

After reading this, I realise that I am doing the same exact mistakes that you did.

I tend to push my forward arms downwards when breathing cause I'm scared that my mouth is not high enough above the water surface and water will gush into my gaping mouth.

Anyway, I want to ask about your body rotation. How much body rotation do you do every time you swim?
amsyah said…
I haven't pass my swim course yet, tapi my body rotation is about 45 degree off the pool floor. When I put a buoy between the legs, over rotating beyond 45 degrees will roll my body 90 degrees off.

I was told that a good body rotation is natural when we stretch a forearm before us, while keeping our face perpendicular to the floor. Tapi Mech, I also learn from youtube, so kesahihan of this technique is also mencurigakan hahah

Nanti I'll ask the Coach and blog about it :)

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