Welcome Monday!

The past week, post ENR has been blissfully quiet. Nonetheless, I hope friends continue with their secret training everywhere, past this weekend. I could almost see it.
Quiet because I spent most times on my back, propped with pillows. O wait, too quiet.

This week has been full of swims - the only exercise I could do without having any pain at all. The regime now ranges between 500m - 1.3km/weeks, with breaststrokes and bilateral breathing thrown into the chaos. I have always fussed over my flutterkicks, breathing, form etc etc, but the short video shot by Eric on Friday shows I was doing ok for a newbie.
And moving from his place to MSQ was blessed with panoramic pool with glass walls overlooking Damansara Perdana (wow!), but lacked depth and length. Well, can't win all...

I have never been so excited coming into Mondays. Will start by walking around at the park.


oh no, I missed that.

You are a natural newbie. Keep it up!

P.S nice change of scenery too. The blog, I mean.
tolldoll said…
get well soon - we are both nursing injuries. i spent the whole week icing and eating and not doing much else.
omg your word verification is PENAT! hahahah
Yimster said…
yeah, do get well soon and i love the new font for the main contents. so big that i dont need glasses hehe
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Nice blog layout... cool.
Diket said…
Pergh! Setiap blog GBS siap kuar gambau! Mantop!
wan won said…
injury to kira blessing in disguise la agaknya. buleh polish skill berenang plak. aku takat berenang katak separuh kolam buleh le.. kihkihkih.. berusahalah!

suka description kat blogroll. I personally think they suit everyone (esp julin's.. ehehe)
ziff71 said…
ready to hit the road again yeh :)
Julin Julai said…
Love the new layout.
And I'm cateforized in the GBS?
wAH! Truly flattered
amsyah said…
Thanks Kash - you guys are my inspiration.

Nadia - suppose nursing injuries/rehabilitation is part of the big picture too - taking time off and rest :) tapi too much eating on my side hahaha

o btw, I have a word verification? PENAT tu hahaha

Yim - thanks - i need to learn how to make the font size for the rest a tad bigger too :)
amsyah said…
Thanks Nik... bukan background biru, eh hahahah

Diket - mantop meletop. gambar gagak hitam pulak tuh hahaha

Wan - ye ke? katak berenang laju ooo... badan terapung rilek je aku tengok :D

ziff - gian beb, gian...

Doc - eh sekarang dah ada separate comments from Wan eh hahahaha.
Ni lah kalau takde keje, tukar angin kejap... nnt masuk ofis balik ntah bila lah

The flatter is mine ekceli (nnt bayar yuran keahlian kat Kash hahah)

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