Fresh Tune

I love this song! Falling Slowly by Glen Hasard (The Frames) and Marketa Irglova from the movie 'Once' as it is, was beautiful, and Glen won an Oscar, I think back in 2008.

The soppy, love stories/lyrics aside, not all people digs the lyrics. I dig any nice tunes (dangdut aside).

However, other renditions of the original song never failed to freshen up this beauty, but the latest duet by Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dweyze of the American Idol 9 (Top 4) was the bomb!

The American Idol is coming to a close now, and I think these 2 will battle it out in the final. It has been quite dissapointing, this season, but I'll go with it, and rooting for Crystal.

Mari kita tengok siapa yang kena!


Julin Julai said…
Have you seen Once? loved it. Rasa cam nak buat band je
Julin Julai said…
but loved the original version of the song better. What to do? I'm a sentimental nerd
ziff71 said…
aku kene cari vcd "Once" ni

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