Friday Night Live

A short notice brought us back to PoJ for a final night simulation run after a successful LSD a week earlier.  I arrived slightly later, after ironing out family matters, pick the kids etc, and the guys have already sprinted out of the Boulevard, away from the carnival atmosphere from Precinct to Precinct 4 along the Boulevard. Putrajaya was getting ready for the Jom Sure Heboh Carnival. The air was festive and parking was scarce. A quick call to Ziff was that they were somewhere in Precinct 8. I have time to make up.

Headed out in the lonely parallel streets behind the PjC blocks towards the Wawasan Bridge, turnaround at PjH and headed back to PICC, stopped at the bridge and turned back along the boulevard, and made few small rounds around PjC trying to wait for the guys to return.

At the RV by PoJ, there was Det waiting in heavy sweat. Apparently, he just did his full lap along the boulevard as well, and was waiting for the rest to re-group. Shortly later, Ian and Yim came back, followed by Che, Ziff, Kash and Rais. They had went towards PjH, Wawasan Bridge, Precinct 8, back to the main Protocol Road 4 and back into the mosque and back. I suppose it was dangerous for Rais riding along with them, and going against the traffic.

So there we were in a smaller group that night. After a quick refill, he headed to PICC, following the traffic flow, back of PICC and headed straight to Putrajaya Mosque and back to PoJ. It was a very easy run, which was labourous at all. All mechanics felt goodWhen I arrived, Yim was already waiting with his boot opened and a box of Coleman like an oasis. 
There were talks of going another loop, but I was looking at the time and the night was already gone. I needed to get back early, but not without our usual banters. Kash, Rais and Ziff came in, and another ice box was opened, filled with Gatorades, water, chocolate milk etc. I think I saw the dissapointment in Det and Ian's eyes that the battle that night will only stop there. Kash raised her white flag due to incredible blisteroos everywhere.

And, with a healthy help of few cups of Nescafes in the office, I was surprisingly fresh throughout (no cream), and the dinner 2 hours prior helped to fuel quite well.

We ended up burning calories through many laughters and pokes to our ribs with many wonderful experiences, amazing feats of the past, as well as lining up few future projects. The closest would be a Captain Jack Sparrow's outing at NB15k on Sunday, a trail run next Saturday at Kiara, and open water swim in PD in June, before SCKLM. We also quirkily involved our absent friends that night, so excuse us if some of you woke up at 2 a.m. and having an itchy throat... 


Diket said…
aye, aye, captain. Aarg, Me Matey! I'm having itchy throat X)
ziff71 said…
a good nite run and hoohaa session + abundance of drinks!
Ian and Det looked like they were ready for another loop…thanks for a great night out.
Yimster said…
Poor guys. Perhaps they should have and lessen the itch going around lah. Awaiting the next journey Captain!
Che said…
join join Kiara this week :P
amsyah said…
Diket - err, malas la reply entry ni, dah basi XD

ziff - tq for karipaps... hilang keriuk perut aku mlm tu :)

Kash - yeah, kesian Det, member tak cukup mileage tu. Eh I still der owe you the baju, tonight eh kat Kiara insyaAllah

Yim - Bukit Kash minggu ni

Che - jom, nnt will post soon. You lead the way okeh?

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