Just Another Manic Monday

One weekend off, and we are getting closer to Sundown. It's Tuesday again, with me scurrying to get my adapter for MacBook replaced, and hence limits my cyber time in the office.
One last weekend, and it will be the midnight run. I am slowly flipping Dean's book (finally!), hopefully I'll find some wisdom to psyche myself into the right direction.

Yesterday was a hurried day. Monday always is, without fail.
It was upper body workouts in the morning at the gym, where I started off what I left with Arnel's workout program months back, when LSDs came in full swing. Flyes, Barbell Presses, Curls. Lat Pulldowns, Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, some core exercises etc left me with many sore sections. I have only started going back to the gym last week, some 2-3/weeks after preparing for Aiden's arrival, and post-natal care, mainly for Iris. Thankfully, the gym is located within 5 minutes drive to my morning meeting site. Talk about convenience.

The afternoon came and gone with breaking a record of 2.1k swim. Again, I mostly survived on 2-strokes breathing, struggling like mad when I attempted a bilateral, and half times when the drift was good, I dipped my head lower into the water, and 4-strokes breathing. The swim felt easier overall, but the last 200m was quite painful, as I could feel the weaker arm giving up and keep dipping down when I turn to breathe. It could also be from the presses in the morning. Finished the swim in 50 mins.

Evening, I fantasied of running an easy 5k, after went overboard on Sunday. But a quick chat with Julie and sms to Kash, I was reminded of the stretching session at Kiara Park. After a long day, and lot of work, I finally pulled myself out of the office and completed my ration of the day by running  in the rain etc. 
We eventually ganged up with Julie, Mo, Najwa, Kash and Rais. The light stretching turns more violent when I used the resistance band to stretch my hamstring and calves (position - flat on my back). Man, I got really worked out! Geez, I sweat buckets!

I left early back to the office, but not without a note from Julie. I am sure we all have heard the passing of Ngae last Saturday - I have been ready many tributes over the last couple of days. However, Julie mentioned that there will be a Tribute to Ngae Run as follows;

What : Tribute to Ngae Run
Distance : 10 - 20k
Start : Bukit Aman Carpark - Jalan Duta - Bukit Aman for 10k (and alternatively direct to Hartamas for 20k)
Time : 6.30 a.m. time to roll
When : Sunday, 23 May 2010

I am not sure if many of them will come in kain pelikat and barefooted, but I will (try to) be there to honour this legendary giant. I did not know him personally, but I read his attempt in the Marathon Des Sable in Pacesetters page. I once figured, this giant is too big for me, his stories moved me off my couch!
If the crowd has already left me, then I'll just run on my own. It's free, bring your own water etc as usual. Alas, it will be a good workout.


ian yusof said…
rest in peace, Ngae. You'll be greatly missed.
I wont be joining this tribute run but he will be remembered for sure.

That's one helluva of a Monday for you. For me, I didn't do a single thing except for the morning's breakfast with the hubby. And the stretching session was well…not counted. I realised I am not that flexible.
Fong said…
May god bless his soul...
ziff71 said…
mmg monic monday tu...respek...

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