Look at that Zebra go!

Today will be the day I will kick myself silly for this PB. It will creep just below my skin - this need to topple the PB. Damn!

I do not mean to gloat, so pardon me, I'd say first hand. But this earned its spot in this blog.

I did my first 2k swim - non-stop!

The laps were repetitive, and I could feel the pace was getting faster whenever I felt comfortable, and I had to calm down and bring the speed down. And mostly I survived on 2-strokes breathing, which was ok, as I sometimes alternate between 3 and 4-strokes. Manageable, I'd say. 

I dunno what it was - whether the heavy cereals, plus the chocolate breads and some caffeine (found it was useful nonetheless in Putrajaya last weekend), or was it the heavy dinner last night, or was it the good sleeps I have been having, thanks to my flu and cough syrups. 
I just went into the pool, and swam, swam and swam. Initial target to go to 300m warm-up lap, then went to 600m, but I went continously until I hit 1.5k, and I thought 1.8k is within reach. At the last lap, I thought hey, I just need another 200m and that's it.

My throat was piercing though. I just had few sips of Gatorade prior to getting in, and my left arm felt weakened in each pulls. After I'm done, I felt my body warm, shoulder and neck good, and I actually felt I could swim a a little further, I think - the feeling you should have after each LSDs when we peak. And, a tan line between my torso up, and my knees down.

Last Friday, Eric gave me a homework, to do a continuous 1.5k swim, divided in series of 250m front crawls and 50m of breaststrokes, and repeat all the way.
Given the right pace, I felt I could do this (although in my modest pool only).

And what comes after a hard swim? A big lunch! I need big meals as my weight keeps dipping lower.



Yimster said…
Good on ya. Looking mighty good there with your swim progress. Soldier on now ya
Diket said…
Well done. Good job dude. Tabik spring 800 kali!
ian yusof said…
caya lah Syah. Kapas-Marang swimathon 2011, here Syah comes!!!

p/s yes bro, do eat more. You are burning everything now.
IJAM said…
alamak ni yg jeles ni, 2 days ago, i went for a swim. tak sampai 200 metre tercungap2 nak mampus. i'm not good at this but i want to..
better take swimming lesson...
Zaki111 said…
Well done bro. Marv!
Sadly, I can't swim. :(
Syah, did you do this during your lunch hour? I envy you dah. The only time I swim now is on fridays.

Well done, Syah. Ready for deep water swim? After sundown we swim PD? Ian, how about another open water swim before PD tri in July. Syah can do sprint. Borrow a bike first.
Julin Julai said…
Yes, sadly I can't swim too.
But hey there, Great feat!
ziff71 said…
Wow! Thats great bro. I think it would not be long before we see u competing in a triathlon :)
gerbera said…
clap!clap!clap! Dengki tul la kat orang pandai2 swim nih
Fong said…
congrats... u did great =) eventually 2k will double up and double up =) so, pd tri coming up next =)
amsyah said…
geez thanks guys... putting it in this blog challenges me to go more and more... uh seram...

Yim - soldier swimming

Diket - ni bukan raja lambung je ni, kau jugak raja tabik... 800x tu banyak ooo

Ian - alamak... jauh lagi tu nampaknya... and yeah, my weight is still dropping, lah. penat dah makan

Ijam - rasanya swim coaching is the way to go, tapi good for your attempt. Never quit, bro!

Zaki the Library Keeper - thanks. I was like you 5 months ago. Boleh tu...

Kash - yeah, I love lunchtime swims sebab I have the pool to myself, tp kene bertekak dgn poolboy sbb dia nak cuci pool hahah

Open water, geli-geli insyaAllah :)

Doc - thanks. Suppose you told people you couldn't run too last time? look at you now - smoking us like chicken on fire woohooo! :D

Ziff - I think that will be a long way forward - duit tarak nak beli beskal hahahah

gerb - saya masih belum boleh berenang sepenuhnya. masih banyak kurang ilmu di dada, am just grateful with what I have :D

fong - will double? phew... hope so, just keep the momentum going, yeah? XD

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