Senandung Malam

This night simulation was meant more, well, a simulation of what will happen on Sundown. No pursuing mileages per se whatsoever. 

Most crucial, I thought, was getting enough sleep. I tried to have a shuteye, only not after the lunch and a trip to my old trusty tailor for new pants. By the time I tried to sleep, the anxiety was rather overwhelming. And although Iris is already independent with her scrapbooks and colours, Aiden on the other hand needs a lot of attention (whenever she's awake). It was just before dinner that I managed a few minutes of blackouts. 

Secondly, hydration plan. To stay awake, I need lots of caffeine. Prepared some horrible black Nescafe as a substitute (can't tolerate coffee), Gatorades, Nuun water etc. No milk/cream whatsoever. I had a Snickers bar, few gels.

Arrived at PoJ around 10.30p.m. to my surprise - there were so many friends, I almost mistook them from the Chap Ayam Runners (who could recognise Shuk in his shorts!). There were Shuk, Diket, Nik, Ian, Nizam, Det, Ziff, Syed, Che, Ijam, Sharafi, Zaki, Khairul Anuar, Azmar, Yim - if I remember them correctly. I later saw Kash going around with Rais in tow. Semangat sunggoh! I expect nothing less from now as Sundown is fast approaching, and with SCKLM weeks after. I cannot stress enough the importance of running in group... not to mention fun!
The guys have just completed their first loop, and I quickly changed to join them, to ride in their 'heat', so to speak. The route was simple - PoJ - Masjid/PMO - PjC - PICC - PoJ of what 11.8k altogether. The loops fell quiet, as I suspect most of the jokes were thrown in their first loop. 

Regrouped at PoJ, and we went about collecting our Project 84 dri-fit tees - creating an awareness for Autism in support for Kash's Ultra Marathon for Dharma. We went on my second loop but Diket, Nik, Shuk, Ian, and Det retired at PjH's roundabout, with me, Syed and Yim hurdled on towards the Masjid. We were distanced along the way, and my attempt going behind PICC alone was creepy just after the traffic light, going up towards PICC's gate. That 10 minutes were quite disturbing. I upped the pace, and quickly made my way around, and bumped into Syed going off. Back to PoJ, 2nd loop done.

Refilled my Gatorades, sipped Nuun water, and downed the Nescafe (euhhh, that bitter taste!) and gulped a gel. Saw Kash coming in, and I joined her towards the Masjid again and back. Stopped at PjC as I was reluctant to return towards PICC. Not now, not after that... and definitely not alone. Kash went on with Rais riding behind, and I made my way up the Masjid again, swirling the Dataran, and returning, and back to PjH building. I have lost count on the loops, but I think I have done enough beyond the 34k target. 

Time was 4 a.m., I promised wifey not to be too late. Feet were OK, I still managed continuous run to the Masjid and back, surprisingly very therapeutic running in the still night. Boring to run alone, I'll tell you that, but very comforting nonetheless. 
My calves felt tight, but it was ok, stitches came for a few seconds and went away, and I ran blister-free. However, a new problem was pain in the right groin. There was pain on the left groin months ago, and when it finally went away during Energizer, this one is next. Supposedly this was due to lack of stretching, and Abductor/Adductor exercises, yes?

Overall, running this offers me some confidence that running at midnight is doable. I stayed on the road long enough, and only felt sleepy after Subuh prayers. The heavy dinner at 9 (i.e 3 hours prior helped), and definitely the Nescafe. The question now is how to pack all the caffeine along at Sundown. The time I reached home, quite expectedly after the first hour post run, my growling stomach sent me scurrying to the mamak for nasi lemaks and roti canai, probably why I went straight to sleep after that.
I think for Sundown, I need to pack some protein shakes.

OK lah tu... major simulation down... let's get cracking with trails pulak... Bukit Kash in Kiara Park next week? Sapa mau lambung? Sila, sila...


ian yusof said…
Heard that you made 30km huh? excellent distance there bro. I'm 5km short....shucks. Legs were fatigue - didn't hydrate well.

p/s - insyallah will join kash this weekend. I've not logged enough mileage :(
IJAM said…
lu buat 30km bro..? aduih...too hot la, sweat like a cow...but it's great...nice to meet you'll
Diket said…
Pergh! A biathlete in the making. Sudah kasi hantam 30+km. Pom! Pom! Pom! Ekzos buluh eh? Good job bro X)
Guys, there might be change of plans. Instead of Kiara on Sat, I might do another night run 30km at PoJ, Friday night (after work). But belum confirm.

Syah, try the powergel 2X caffeine. Its tangerine flavour, better than the chocolate which I had gag reflex. There's a 7 eleven and McCafe along the ECP route (first 21km) during sundown, fyi. Hehehe…

Apa cerita kat PICC?
Yimster said…
Way to go syah. Good job with the mileage. There was this idea going around stuffing coffee into a capsule. Yeah those capsule you can get from the pharmacy. And because it's in capsules, its easily portable and save on storage during runs. You can also swallow it whole without water (a bit susah) and the capsule will disintegrate in your stomach. Worth a try but can be a bit tedious stuffing them. Besides ground coffee, you can also substitute with Nuun tablets, etc.

kash, it was getting a bit spooky when I ran behind PICC virtually alone at the 2nd loop. Although I had music, my eyes couldnt stop wandering around the shadow play there.
ziff71 said…
Kudos to u Syah! Running in the mid of the nite and alone is mentally challenging, at 34km some more. I agree that running behind PICC alone would feel spooky. May be because of it being totally deserted.
amsyah said…
Ian - bolehlah, my speed :) This weekend again? Let me know

Ijam - ekceli from me the weather was good (mebbe sebab I ran past 10pm?) and cool. Takpa, we'll run again soon bro!

Diket - Biathlete? Boleh le kalau kau kira speeding with car nak baik bagi susu, tukar lampin etc as the 2nd routine hahahah.
InsyaAllah bro, aku ni je yg lambat - korang semua dah duathlete/triathlete etc dah...

Eh - Shuk dah triathlete ke? Run, Bike, PocoPoco hahahaahhahah

Kash - I think I will do Kiara ringanringan on Saturday, and probably join your 30k on Friday night. We'll see ok

Need to get the tangerine gels too, and perhaps some Kopiko (buleh ka?). I remember the McD along ECP, buleh stop beli kopi, kan?

Cerita PICC, ada one section tuh tetiba gave me the creeps, ntah nape... other areas ok je... jengjengjeng ada la benda tegur tuh, kus semangat

Yim - thanks. For now, I will find the caffeine etc although the capsule sounds innovative. Nnt tak kena tangkap ke, takut marshals ingat telan dadah hahaha

Behind PICC, kan... seram...
amsyah said…
ziff - bro... awat balik awai sangat... tak sempat nak sembang :) mana pulak next?
Che said…
wuargghh.. i wast fast asleep at 4 in the morning. all the best for sundown then. sorry x dapat teman u lari that nite :)

it was hot! we (me and bro ziff) were sweating the most! haha..

alah, picc punye 'chill' tak best mcm kat Tmn Rimba Komenwel! :P
I am seriously thinking of cheeseburger on the second loop at Sundown.

Yim: I thought u cakap bunga2 je. But the chill is not at the PICC loop, its at the roundabout after PICC (I think u guys opted for the shorter roundabout) with the abandoned hills on the left. FYI, this precinct in adjacent to precinct 12, which I was told got some chinese cemetery?

If you pass this roundabout, its windy and the air is cool here.
Zaki111 said…
Shah, well done and all the best bro. Yang wangi itu indah...seram!
ziff71 said…
Syah, bukan aku balik awal, pasai aku tinggal jauh kat belakang ler...hehehe. Yeah, we took the smaller roundabout not the bigger one. Seram seram punya hal, apa kata next time kita buat LSD pagi, lepas subuh :)

Che - hahahaa, betui, lencun habis
Julin Julai said…
Wah..even after surgery boleh pulun kayuh 30k...tabik bosssss
amsyah said…
Che - hoh, teringat kokokan ayam and the boar's bubble baths :D... eh bila nak trail nih, I dah ready nak goreng Che-kodok ayam nih! hahahha

Kash - I'd want too if I could swallow :) - one bigmac!
What? dekat chinese cemetery? huh seram - konpem tak lalu dah sesorang kat area situ, rela buat masjid loop sampai berdarah ibu jari... thanks for letting me know

zaki - tang mana nye wangi tu indah? tapi papepun, let's run again, lagi ramai, lagi best. sorry tak sempat sembang that night... :)

ziff - la ye ke... aku terikut kaki Nik Budak Power, kenapa ntah :P
Eh, this Sunday korang ;ari NB15 kan... minggu lepas tu kita round LSD lagi okeh

Doc - bunyi je banyak, tapi slow macam siput :D kenapa la malas nak buat speed treneng nih
Anonymous said…
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