Band of Brothers (Prologue)

Come weekend, I was already impatient to go running. After few days prior of staying in babysitting and having loads of quality time with Aiden and Iris, I was not eating properly, having scattered sleeps, and noticeably restless.

For fathers and mothers out there, would you agree with me that we should have a public loo specifically for unisex parental use (if not for disabled toilets)? It was very inappropriate having to lug Iris into the men's when she needed to go, with Aiden in a carrier, strapped to me. Fathers should never go shopping/having fun/etc without the mothers? Nonsense!

Anyway, the promise for the final LSD before SCKLM was realised yesterday. A quiet wait turned out quite big when all cars were parked - Shuk, Diket, Nik, Dett, Nizam, Syed, Rayzeef, Ziff and Azmar coasted casually amidst a busy morning - the carpark was almost full with runners making rounds for the final week.

The menu was a slow LSD, and in keeping with the health of both feet.
The pace felt noticeable slower than last week, with us swapping between the front pack, mid group, and sweeps off with the back motivating Ziff. Not short of tales, we were also entertained by series of sprints post Duta Tropika, and series of fartleks on the final hill before Hartamas. We moved surely and arrived at Petronas at 7.47 a.m. for a pit stop.

The highlight here surely was engulfing Ziff in a tight peloton at Jalan Duta to escort him en route to 20k LSD. This reminds me not to announce any shortcomings online, but that was a great motivation, a kickinthebutt I would need nonetheless :)

Few Gatorades, finger foods and ambik-gambar-kaki-lambung later, we were off making our way back. As luck would have it, we caught Che making a U-turn after Stadium Hoki. 
Remembering the mission strewn by the King Mambo on pushing all the right buttons post Tijani, we mostly killed the chats and opened long strides. The downhills post Tijani 1 was awesome, with its meandering ways and shades. The gaps with the sweepers visibly widened, and most of us had envisioned how their last 3k would be next week. I think the total distance was 19k +.

At least next week, when we enter the final 6k coming into Bukit Tunku, I hope I'd get to ride on a second wind. Great drill.

We ended up at the gerai for a quick drink. Nothing specific on the RV point next Sunday, but largely on on upcoming PD Tri, Powerman and few trail blazings.
Thanks Syed for the jellies, and thanks guys for a great company. Easy runs now, and have a good rest. This will be a week I'll bitch about how much food I'd taken and will fuss about how I should do more swims, etc. 
Tapering period and Zero Week are always confusing. 


Diket said…
Nice pursuit there bro. Tak sangka ramai jugak yang terlambung for the last drill. Ada jugak darah pahlawan mengalir - weekend warrior la katakan :)
amsyah said…
Diket - ramai kena coket, org Kelantan kata... termelatah beb... the lambong just got better and better each week :D

eh dah semua darah diRaja, panglima etc... memang panas menggelegak haha
Julin Julai said…
Hub is surprised when I tell him there are little boy's potty in women's toilet at malls.
Shows the reality of a mommy's job..hehe
I agree, they should put up unisex toilets for parents to accompany their children to go pee pee.
IJAM said…
best training tu...rugi tk dapek join..
so, see you all on sunday
ziff71 said…
"Mmg sah aku dah terkena big time hari nie", that was what in my mind when approaching Jln Duta hahahaha.
amsyah said…
Doc - ada eh? we need that toilet...

Ijam - kau kerja, cari makan... see you this wiken

Ziff - :D jangan serik, bai... we all need a little push sometimes...
Che said…
lucky i was 'late' :P or was i? help! im short of milage!
RaYzeef said…
che u can do weekday LSD with Zaki:)
ian yusof said…
aisey, why no photos oneeee?
amsyah said…
che - hahahah, kalau tak mesti kene seret sekali :D

Rayzeef - betl tu... zaki senyap-senyap je buat 50k LSD malam tadi :)

Ian - our photographer tak post entry lagi... my posts are always rarely with pics :)
all der best,see u all on sunday :)

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