Detour - Let the Zebra Swim

Let's cut off the anxiety - because sure as hell, the more I think about it, the more anxious I become. I need a diversion from the incessant nag to eat, sleep well, and have enough rest. The blog entries about all the preparations are causing me jitters... 

So I crossed an email from SwimSmooth earlier today, and it was good that I get to understand my swim types, similar to understanding the importance of whether we are Endomorphs, Ectomorphs or Metamorphs etc, and design a specific training regimes around our body type.
My initial assessment says that I am an Overglider. Check what type are you here.

The strokes are long and smooth, but sometimes lacks rhythm and flow, typically breathes every 2 strokes to one preferred side (unilateral breathing) with distinctly  more rotation to breathing side (spot on!). 
Lack of rotation to the non-breathing side causes non-breathing arm to sweep round the side rather that over the top of the swimmer (spot on jugak!). Sometimes palms pushing against the water, "applying the brakes" so-to-speak. 

Overgliders often have a pronounced scissor kick due to a loss of balance whilst gliding. Low stroke technique gives a tendency to stall between strokes causing loss of efficiency. This is worsened in open water with cramped or choppy conditions stall the Overglider (wow!).

Areas to Work on
Development of a better catch and pull through technique is essential for the Overglider. Not only will this increase propulsion, it will act to remove the dead-spot.
Improved rhythm, timing and flow is a must for the Overglider. They should be looking to lift their stroke rate by 3 to 8 strokes per minute.

Once stroke rate has been lifted slightly this gives the opportunity to breathe bilaterally and so naturally develop more symmetry in the stroke.

That said, we (myself, Kash, Richard and N.Arif) dipped into the MSQ pool again this morning, after the class took a 3-weeks 'sabbatical' during the school holidays. It was cool and cloudy - perfect for running. I can't seem to take my mind off the nervous state for the upcoming Sunday as I entered the pool, 10 minutes late into warm ups.

I had a 200m warm-up, and Coash Eric quickly passed us a drill to do 10x100m. The catch was to practice efficient entry and know when to start pulling. 
Leveled arm waiting, as the other slices in at an angle and slides forward, extending your limb, and you catch, pull and push - and repeat.

The drill was cool - I had smoother glides, powerful pulls (triceps burning like hell!) and less kicks. Ever so carefully, I had to tell myself to focus on breathing that I managed a 4-strokes breathing. Bilateral breathing still lacking. And I hate my arrival at the end of the pool wall though. Need to pick up the smooth transition, lah because I'm sure I looked like a clumsy maggot.

The best time was 1:38/100m. Incidentally, a typical swimming speed for Overgliders is 1:30 to 2:20/100m.
And before we end, Coach asked us to do a sprint 25m - no rules. The reason being, as he put it... we need to sprint the first 25m or so, to distance us away from other swimmers before settling into our paces. 

Neat! And oh by the way, I was naive to think that with no King Lambong around, I'd be safe... boy, was I wrong... The guys sure know to make me sheepish :D.

open water

Fascinating: We're 92.8% certain that Spock is an Overglider.

So, which one are you?


you are lambong-ed material lah. great job today.
Diket said…
Wow! Once the Kingfisher bertitah guna bahasa Istana, I have to grab my goggles to read this. Keep me inspired bro, aku follow je :)
amsyah said…
Kash - are you a Smooth?

Diket - goggle tu jangan lupa kasi ludah sikit sebelum basuh... nnt tak foggy hhehee... folow nak gi mana, bro? makan eskrem ke?
Anonymous said…

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