Doing the 50!

This may well be a kiasu effort, but riding on last year's great race, you could say that I am smitten and miss the trails. Whether or not this was a pure marketing gimmick, but having them to boast that the TNF100 Duo is very limited (only 35 lucky runners doing TNF 100 Solo, and the rest of the hopefuls will be bundled into the 100 Duo Open/Women) is chilling (or, we took the Singapore way and be kiasu).

And judging from the recent SCMS'10, and Sundown... the smell of a hot karipaps steaming off across the causeway is too tempting to let go. 

The North Face 100 Duo

Saturday, 09 October 2010 04:00 - 23:00 (GMT)

MacRitchie Park
  • Event Details
  • Tel: 96231822, Email:

Personal Information

Registration ID:
Amsyah Kamaruddin
Registration Date:
07/06/2010 15:26
100km Duo Open ($95/per runner $190/per team)

Registration ID:
Arfian Yusof
Registration Date:
07/06/2010 15:44
100km Duo Open ($95/per runner $190/per team)
Team Name:
Macam Bagus

But the fees have gone up at a rate of SGD5 per participant. SGD95 for a 50k race? The most expensive thus far... and its SGD120/team for TNF 50 Duo Open/Women. It seems that we have to travel cheap this year, and gobble on the available snacks for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the next day's meals too. 

Anyhoo, our comrade, Mr Yim is looking for a suitable partner to run TNF 100 Duo Open. It could either be a guy, or a combination with a gal. Each runner have to clock in 50k, and does not have to run together, or finish together in that sense. Any interested ones (I know it's you...), give him a tinker, or leave a comment here, and I'll direct you to him.

The early bird fees ends 01 August 2010.

A peek show to PORs will be buka puasa on top of Nuang and by the rubber trees at Kiara. Yumm!


Che said…
Go Macam Bagus!! :) so our first POR will be @ Nuang?
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
First "POR" should be at Haza's lawn, just before raya. She will definitely appreciate clean and short grasses.
hmm…tak boleh ni!
Zaki said…
Ishh.. tak boleh dibiarkan begitu saja nie... need to POR my backyard. Huhu
Shah, havent tasted trail yet, so to pass this year. Look fwd to gang up with you at kiara? Next year kot..
ziff71 said…
Saper nak beli bib for POR??? No cost, just turn up and run...hehehe
Diket said…
I need my POR kat backyard and lawn also. Perhaps that should cover 20 feet of milage.
amsyah said…
Che - last year kata nak masuk... wat hepen? Nuang is a yes, tapi bila ye?

Nik - hahahah, pandai hang jual...

Kash - :D... registering soon?

Zaki - kamon Zaki... fokus... Ultra 2011, Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra heheheh

ziff - takpe... the POR in itself pun memang menarik dan tertarik, takes your mind off the road

Diket - you are privileged, my friend. Not always we have an access to lawns and backyard. Mine is the size of a chicken coup :D. See, you are off to a good start already
IJAM said…
50km per person?...hui...can or not? of course la boleh...Training di dahulukan, pencapaian TNF di utamakan...(bodek PM)
Anonymous said…
all the best !! :) i like your team's name. :)live up to it !!! hihi.
I got a feeling that the 50KM will feel like an 84KM !
Zaki said…
Ijam, apa kata kalau kita berduo... gi fishing ke hari tu? :)
amsyah said…
Ijam - keluarga didahulukan bro eheheh

missJ - thanks... ni semua Ian punya lah ni...

Kash - you think? but the Ultra is paramount

zaki - ijam fishing ikan ke, fishing orang?
IJAM said…
amsyah : mcm tau2 je aku nak pancing orang, amoi la tu...
betul, keluarga di utamakan

Zaki : bila nak treneng for SCKLM?
because the last time I did the 25KM, it felt like 42. we are going all the way to Mandai, and its freaking far. From McRitchie to Bukit Timah to Mandai.

As per last year, I will run MCR with Azam (need to ask him first) during the raya week but this time, we'll hike all the way to Mandai. I'll let you guys know how the trail is to Mandai.
Anonymous said…
People who did the 50k last year said it was like 70-80k on road! Adoii!
amsyah said…
Ijam - heheheh, bila nak gi Beijing Marathon wey?

Kash - that will be cool! No matter how punishing, I think the MCR trails are very der nice :). btw, TNF is a month after raya... memang masa puasa pun kena lari :D

Azam doing TNF?
amsyah said…
Haza - ye ke? ayoyo.... you definitely have to do it :)... (telan air liur pun dah tak guna :D)
bagus go macam bagus..!!!
Julin Julai said…
Go Macam Bagus team. I read last year banyak snickers bar. Yum!
Che said…
life a bit hectic recently, cant afford to go (both financially and time) being mr. mama is not easy la.. :) postponed next year!
amsyah said…
hanchik - amacam treneng PD Tri?

Doc - yes, tapi semua melted dah, tapi ok lah... lepas lah jajan masa balik kl hehehe

che - tambah sorang lagi ke mr. mama? :)

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