Father's Day LSD, 12 June 2010

We set forth another LSD today, well into tapering for SCKLM, after last weekend was lost to sleep. Zero Week was awesome,  but time to move them legs. I have a mission, and every runs count. 

The clan today was Diket, Ian, Syed, Ziff, Irwan and myself, rolling from Bukit Aman at 6.45 a.m. The World Cup has already claimed Rayzeef from this LSD with a draw to France - Uruguay the night before. 
The agenda was simple - Bukit Aman to Hartamas and back, via Matrade to-and-fro, and a dash of the Killer Hills on the way back.

We started on our normal pace, but the end of the first half, Ziff started to struggle. He held his head high, power walked and we took turns to pace with him and waited till we reached our watering hole in Petronas.
And the return was relatively slower as we charged the Killer Hills, towards the Istana and Tugu Negara, and back. Ziff's Endomondo revealed that our first half consisted in the rage of 5:06 - 5:40 mins/km, and the other stretched to 9:00.

The weather was cool, with some break in the rays at certain sections, but we were mostly blessed with overcast skies. The lambung sessions were mild, but enough to keep our spirits high, where the most topic was still centred on The North Face 100 in Singapore.
And kudos to Ziff for his success on this battering LSD thus far. First time plying this route, filled with hills and scenic inclines - he took it like a... err... a runner. Hope you'll improvise on hydration and fuel plan.

We extended our stay at the carpark with many glasses of drinks where the guys slurped on the tasty meehoon sup for a while after the run, and we left the park with a commitment for another 20k LSD next week, hopefully with the presence of the new King Lanun and the President of PocoPoco. With the days closing in on the KL super sight run, we hope to taper well, and keep moving.

And by the way, after a hearthy lunch and afternoon nap, I woke up to a surprise by Iris and wifey. Iris presented me with a card with a cartoon guy swimming within schools of fishes, and underneath the stars that says,"if you want to know how much you're loved, count all the fishes in the sea, then multiply it by all the stars in the sky"...
I'm a lucky guy. Having both elements covering me underwater and above me, I am the lucky guy in between (thanks B)

Iris picked doughnuts for me (I hardly eat doughtnuts, not even my cupcakes) and I called all courage to eat some of them, while enjoying the sight of Iris smothered in chocolates and green tea creams.

We adjourned to the pool, where Iris had a blast in the big pool. She started riding my back while I do my breaststrokes, but later started diving into the water and treaded water like never before. She'd sink to the pool floor and jacked herself up. The only way to coax her out of the pool in order to save her old man's shrinking brain was ice creams.

And to top it off, a family dinner at Jees. No diet restrictions here, not today, not tonight. And all those, I have to pay by having to carry Iris up to our apartment after she conveniently dozed off in the car.

O yes, Happy Father's Day everyone!


..::EnAikAY::.. said…
What a wonderful Father's day you have there!

Eh, next week dah taper ke? I baru ingat nak peaking up. aiyoo...
crushhio said…
twas a good LSD and weather was so nice..
happy fathers day bro!
Mr Lonely said…
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ziff71 said…
TQ bro for the company and the tips/advices. Most of the times running in struggle mode to join in the lambung-melambung :)

Happy Father's Day!!! Tu doughnut BigApple ker??
amsyah said…
Eh Nik, you have already peaked lah bro!, double marathon lagi... haahh

syed - hah finally you could leave a comment. Happy Holidays.

ziff - our pleasure, bro! practice makes perfect :) Happy Father's Day to you too! (yes, Big Apples'..., hari ni kena swim lebih sikit heheheh)
RaYzeef said…
Happy Father's Day bro :)

Hope the waka waka won't prevent me from joining the next LSD ..hu hu
I thought Father's Day next week, kan?
Zaki said…
Nice job the lsd bro..
The donuts looks sooo sedap...
amsyah said…
Ray - malam sebelum LSD kena on Astro Max, and record the play

Kash - really? yesss another lunch and dinner! yeahooo

zaki - the donuts are deadly hehehe
gerbera said…
Fathers day on 20/6 kan? Nampak banner kat kedai kek. Ke salah?Mcm konpius plak.


I wish my dad still around.

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