Pick Your Pacer

In the dawn of the final LSD this weekend with the Lambung King, SCKLM announced it pacers, mostly from Pacemakers and AdiNation group of taikos.

Who are you pacing with when the gun goes off 3 weeks from now? Check the pacers here.

Hi guys! I am Tan Lian Meng. Have completed 8 marathons with a personal best of 3^52. Wont be running any faster this time, but would like to pace some of you to the finish in 5 hours :) Join me!!

I am hoping to pace Meng and Kei Ming to bust my sleepy head after a failed attempt at Sundown.

And by the way, I was so delirious this week, that I failed to note that I was indeed running with THE bloody Mark Williams at KLCC on Tuesday (we did 2 loops together), and again yesterday. When a greatness brushes on you, the magic dust sprinkle etc... you feel you want more!
I knew it when he said his name was Marcus, it rang a bell.

Now I need a line to break it up to him when I run alongside him again. Aiyyoo!

Note : Mark is leading the 3:00 pace group. In FB, he has the highest pacing members at 256 followers. Really? 


ziff71 said…
Wow..what a pity cant do full. Pacer for sub 6 hour ada tak? hehehe
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Go for sub 5hrs Syah.. u surely can do it this time.

go go go go go ....!!!
ziff71 said…
Hmmmm...got 3 pacers for sub 6. I can sense that the organizer will try their best to redeem themselves this time around.
Diket said…
Syah bro, you will be my pacer for tomorrow :D and perhaps for SCKLM Group Lambung.
amsyah said…
ziff - sub 6 pacer... c'mon, you are faster than that :)

Nik - thanks bro... insyaAllah, gua cuba sedaya upaya POMPOMPOM!

ziff - yes, they have to, this is the final chance
amsyah said…
Diket - no lah, the other way round. we go slow slow, nak simpan for DH
ziff71 said…
syah, I will be grateful to finish in one piece, sub 6 is really a bonus lah...a durian runtuh equivalent hehehe

Syah/Diket - esok jgn kasi hantam habis, pace man-man ok, nanti by 3km wa bonk...:)
Julin Julai said…
Syah, I personally believe that we are all capable of doing a sub 5. It's all about chasing your dreams.
Pain is temporary, pride lasts forever (chewah).
amsyah said…
ziff - I think, for me, it's more of a mental battle. and we need friends/pacers to finish. You should try Kash as a pacer - she has lots of food in her kedai runcit, never bores you with many stories, and paces right on the 6th hour. Very der doable one

Doc - yes - tapi cemana the american are doing sub-4 in their first marathon is beyond me
Anonymous said…
Oprah pun tup-tup can do 4hrs. Heran tol. Cuaca ke?
金銀愈加磨鍊,愈加光亮,人生愈加考驗,生命愈加光輝。 ............................................................

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