Time by (original) Bell & Ross

I think we had a balanced weekend this week. For a while now, I have been a tad too selfish, and clocking mileages for Sundown took most weekend mornings and nights away, and the in-betweens, I was too drained to contribute any quality time with my 3 girls. 
So this week, it was our together time, we watched Ironman 2 (Iris insisted instead of watching Shrek 3D), breakfast, the market, shopping etc. We watched movies, all cartoon craps on the telly, eat whatever my wife cooks, late nights, paintings, swimming, etc. Simple stuff.

And, I have not been having a super week either. Work is picking up, and eyes infection created havoc in keeping my fingers off them the whole week. I was so convinced a Zero Week is mandatory, and hence the 'anything-goes' diet. I had a RPM on Wednesday, a run on Friday, no LSD, no swims whatsoever etc. Life's a peach?
Say it isn't so.

And today, there we were with the majority of RBUs, starting with a light run around Kiara Park. Aiden had her first run in Chicco today, and Iris took the loop with wifey while we tracked Ziff and Yim. For Round 2 - runs aside, we preceded with our stretches, coordinated by missJ. This was my second time, and guys, do not underestimate the importance of good stretching.
Round 3 - we converged at Mosin Restaurant for our post run TT, as we did not have a chance to do that in Singapore the week earlier. It was time to catch up on victories, injuries and future plans, and not forgetting, family bonding. 

New friendship blooms when Iris refused to sit away from Nurin, and continued to talk about her new friend from hours on end. When we stretched earlier, the 2 girls were playing together, with Iris and her 100+, and Nurin with her Gatorade. I've got to laugh at that... :D

There was also a book-signing ceremony by our infamous Trainer, a Corporate Athlete boss for his newly-launched book. It was flipping from this book that I realised that I have derailed so much from what I did and preached when I first started living healthier. Needless to say, I am very careless with my food nowadays. Thanks for a pick-me-up, there, buddy. It has been more than 2 years since you last coached me, and you are still reaching out, selflessly (ok, not without the cost of the book nonetheless hehehe). Your role has remained status quo, amazingly enough.

After all the laughs and not counting the calories, we left the table with a project at hand - the TNF100 Duo. Already friends are building up mileages for Sundown Ultra 2011.

It is also a week when Aiden started to giggle and coy at you. I remembered when it was Iris 5 years back, and it was oh-so-precious. 

Yeah, time is not cheap. 
That, and Monday is inevitable, as I type this, all my girls are sound asleep. With Zero Week over, let's rev up to the max again because hey, SCKLM is just few weeks away. Before you know it, it will be time to shop for those precious little ORS packets again. Go kill those blues!


Yimster said…
Heh so funny the girls with different isotonic drinks. Starting them young! Here's looking to SCKLM and TNF. I am glad that it will quiet down after SCKLM until puasa and raya is over. How time really flies :)
IJAM said…
ala...syah, touching entry la pulak...
feeling guilty for absence in TT yesterday morning..who is the most drinker?
Good luck for SCKLM, im going for 21km je...wish could run full with you all...
anything..just keep us informed
ziff71 said…
Nice meeting with RBUs yesterday. Ijam, kau gi secret training ke semalam???
so question is, did you get the watch?
Anonymous said…
I'm glad some people were also having a zero week. But yea, I think our families deserved it. Been gone on weekends for how many months I'd lost count, it was pure bliss just to be normal.

Anyway, Yim is right, time really flies.

I missed the TT and hope you guys had a fantabulous time.
IJAM said…
Ziff, secret training benda, kaki dah lenguh dah ni..pukul 4.30 baru free ...huhu..
amsyah said…
Yim - tulah... and after SCKLM, it will be generally quiet, good for you to catch up on swimming. to ease on your legs? :D

Ijam - bukan touching - bersyukur & melihat ke belakang sekalisekala. Don't feel guilty, we'll do it again & again...

Ziff - Ijam secret treneng ke?

Kash - hhahhaaha - no lah... the Bell & Ross looked too fake on me, I can't carry branded watch, pun... saja bakar uncle tuh :D

Haza - I think we all had our Zero Week :)
No worries about TT, we'll catch up later
Zaki111 said…
Shah, thanks for TT. Dunno what kash said to her, but wifey dah terrrracun oleh kash semalam... huhu. Good job, kash.
IJAM said…
oohh...syah beli jam...fuh..selamat..!! ingat register tadi..
IJAM said…
by the way, where is ian and nick? sunyi je ni..
pergi berkebun ke..
amsyah said…
Zaki - alamak - sorang lagi super wife in the making ka? habis lah kau kene babysit bila wife kau buat LSD 60k hehehehehe

Ijam - register? belum... itu uncle tu jual jam Bell & Ross, beria-ria dia, hampir aku teraniaya

Nik and Ian? tengah kumpul bahan tuh... kejap lagi keluar pompompom!
amsyah said…
Nik - satu pom! je? jangan pompom girls udah ler
ian yusof said…
pom pom!

p/s - sorry guys, terrible week. extremely busy.

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