Long Run on Autopsy

A week post SCKLM'10. A week of rest, a week of resistance. I hope all the rest will spring me off a good recovery. On another note, the Zero Week is never void of me making bad decisions with food. Life's a peach. I did it all in the name to resuscitate my damaged nerves and muscle in the marathon. 

Justifiable? Sure...

What have I learnt from the consecutive marathons? If I were to dissect and analyze my Marathon for Newbies, they are;

a) Confidence is key. The consecutive 4 marathons builds mental strength. My 6th will progressively be better.
b) Late peaking and late tapering worked like a charm. Peaking in Sundown was crazy, but it had some blessed truth. The last LSDs of 26 and 20 were all good. Very important to enjoy them LSDs.
c) Music could have worked. It did in the last short runs, really well. I think it will in the last crucial miles when I would need it the most. Perhaps will get the Sony W202 (but hate the bulky ear unit).
d) The carboloading really did start about a week earlier. No beans, broccolis, corns, wholemeal loafs, red meat etc. Geez! Runners are a bunch of divas!
e) I faltered. Telling myself to walk at every water stations were comfort peptalks. Loosing speed over nothing and telling myself that it was OK... were in fact, not OK. 
f) With good fuel, only 3 gels are required throughout. Saves some space in my belt.
g) Whatever my mind tells me - the last 2k is a no-walk territory. What I did after the 40th km last weekend was not acceptable.
h) Midfoot landing is the way to go. Period.

It felt that the next marathon escapade is lightyears away. We have yet to decide our December plans. The next immediate project will be TNF and I have no sight of any plans yet. These coming weeks will be to rekindle my gym affair and pick up Arnel's 300 regime again. 

We had a brief recovery trail run at Kiara yesterday with the Kings (and Queen). After few months of absence, the first 20 minutes left me breathless, but the proceeding hours were really, really fun. Reminds me of the exciting few months to come.

And hey... early registration for Genting Trailblazer starts today! Yippeee...


Yimster said…
Oh thanks for the trailblazer reminder. Time to get down and dirty!

Hmm just checked, still not open adoi
Diket said…
Nicelt put there Datuk. And the mp3 really worked for me at the last 10K. You need your heart back to push the final miles. Genting here we come eh? I'm in.
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Yeah i agree. Confidence is the MASTER key.
And that confidence can be build with solid training, right?
ehem ehem.. and that includes confidence for open water swim my friend. I'm sure can do it too.

P/s: Shakhir, let's start thinking of our team name for Genting Trailblazer shall we?
amsyah said…
yim - this one to be extra careful - lots of hills and descends - bad for the knees :)
tu lah, belum bukak lagi...

Diket - agree. regretted I didn't put mine. crucial to push for the minus few seconds off your PB, eh

Nik - Lambung Lanun in a team? fuiyyooo
Water confidence in the sea is something very big, without a doubt I'll falter like my first 10k or first marathon :) But time in Pudu this year will not materialise, usah lah kau lambung lebih2... minyak cap kapak wa dah abis...
ziff71 said…
Syah. I will keep those list. BTW trail running is great.
ian yusof said…
trailblazer, here we come
amsyah said…
ziff - hope you had a great time last weekend. kitorang takut jugak coz nnt buleh kene saman hahah

Ian - yup - will register soon after my DO Submission this wednesday
June Malik said…
wah ramai pegi genting .. hmm

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