Mari Bersuka Ria Log - Friday, 23/07/10

I was warned by Richard last week to brace myself. But the weekdays prior was too indulgent with work, I didn't manage to prepare well.

And today, it happened. Coach Eric dished our drills for the day - 3x500m. With glides and correct strokes (not time) and flipturns. My brain offered tonnes of excuses to get out of the pool and DNS heheh...
Uh... been a while since I did that. And in a 25m pool, I would easily loose count, and hence need to pace sight Nik Arief and Richard. These superfast swimmers just smiled with a cengkih between their teeth. 1500m? No proprem...

The first 500m was good - strokes controlled, breathing ok with 4-and-2 strokes, flipturns were manageable. 

The second 500m was getting out of controlled. After the 100th metres, I didn't hold my fort well enough, water gushed up the nostrils. To compensate, I opened my mouth and in all the pool water. Drowning scenario. From then on, strokes were close to an overdose squid.

The final set - let's not even go there.

And in the evening, managed to do a 10.4k run. Need to get a feel of back-to-back 10k runs, with Ramadhan approaching. Thanks David Guetta to have kept me company in the boring loops under a hot sun. 
Finished 57mins plus.

We are traveling to PD tomorrow, to catch sight of PD Tri Sprint, with hopes to shake it off, and perhaps get a feel of the water just 2 feet off the shore.


happy weekend!
IJAM said…
apa lagi...pirate swimming la kat PD TRI

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