Ocean Calling!

I arrived 5 minutes before the blaring horn, enough to jog in my selipar jepun to the beach, and met with Shyrim, Nik, Diket, Dett and Malcolm. The weather was moody and calm, right out of Dave Koz's saxophone. 

A hundred or so triathletes in bright 2XU caps, bodymarked, and the sea in front of them. I put myself at the water edge, and between seconds and Uncle Chan's sadistic and dry humour, the horn blared and there was splish-splash of water, V-shaped and bobbing heads and bent arms. About 200m ahead, an orange buoy, and strings outlined like a landing strip.
Few kayaks and a jetski by the side, and few vessels far out.

I looked at the swimming, and thought I could do this. The confidence surged and I genuinely felt confident that I will be well taken care off. Uncle Chan never lets his eyes off the course, notwithstanding his sarcastic jokes of the swimmers stuck beyond the 25m from the shore, but yeah... I think I could pull it off. Swimming is undoubtedly my single most fear, and knowing it is within grip, made me realised how important the trip today was.

I am a No.2 guy. I need to follow first before I could go on my own. And that short quality fell right through to Iris, unfiltered heheh... Funny how kids put things in perspectives.

And watching the triathletes coming back makes you wonder a grand entrance (or grand return) to the shore, when lots of cameras flashed at you and not getting disoriented. A quick run, shower, bike holding area and off to ride was a routine I missed out for a simple family breakfast.
After we were done, the run has already started. Hang the bike, getting on the shoes, and run few short kilometres. By then, we were by the beach with Iris and her customary sand castles. I managed to see Saiful and Puisan during their runs, all looking strong. 

More encouraging support team would have been nice though. I was standing outside the ring, clapping, and quickly ran out of encouraging words beyond 'good job' etc... hey, it's not hard cheering when I cannot do leaps in the air :D.

It was low tide before the 1st leg of the Kids' Category starts as I coaxed Iris to inch closer to the starting line. These kids did not seem very nervous at all. And when they start, they were off like little baby turtles. As what Uncle Chan quipped - these kids are very fast and does not falter at all. Unlike adults who over-think (ehem!), these kids have been training specifically and looked like the sport were made out for them. 

We didn't stay long, and rushed back to KL. I wished I could have witnessed many friends standing at the starting line tomorrow, all sulky and jealous. But since I will not, their race reports will be special treats I can't wait to read!
God speed to Nik, Kash, Nik Arief, Richard, Shyrim, and others!


Diket said…
Lepas ni kita layan lagu TLDM je bro:

Semboyan angkatan laut kita
Di samudera raya
Menjaga pantai ibu pertiwi
Dari angkara murka

Dari barat sampai ke timur
Itu lah pantai Malaysia
Tiap saat berjasa
Di tengah samudera raya

Perwira dan satria
Angkatan Laut DiRaja

p/s. my schoolboy ambition :D
June Malik said…
wah diket, ada talent tersembunyi .. i was planning for long time to be in pd but as u know things dont really worked out as we hoped it'd be. but hey, jom do tri next year heheh
ziff71 said…
There my fren, u were given the most effective lambong for your next conquer :). All this while we (at least I) know that even now u can pull the swimming leg off :).

Bila nak beli beskal, boleh start kayuh sekali hehehe
amsyah said…
kau jangan tahun depan, masa nak swim kau pakai uniform beb... berat, nnt kenot swim. tapi masa nak swim tu, aku rasa wajar kiranya uncle chan pasang lagu ni bagi kite naik semangat hehehe

june - yeah, mamat tu kalau ada misai, mesti orang ingat abang polis hahahah. what do you know june - next year ada group ODTV pulak hahah

ziff - telinga aku dah berdarah dah ni... kiri kanan orang beli beskal. kau pun kene register ODTV tahun depan nih :D
Anonymous said…
IJAM said…
alamak, gambar takde ke?...diket pun belum update lagi ni...
kalau aku tak kerja sabtu hari tu, dah lama aku pegi PD tu, seronok tuu....
and one more thing, you'll look good in a trisuit. :)

if I'm your mother, I would have registered you for PD already. And you would do great. You can redeem yourself in October. I think Desaru Tri is in October.
ian yusof said…
kash dah start racun dahhhh ... :) .... Desaru Tri sounds fun tuh Syah ...
amsyah said…
ijam - my card reader ilang daa... mana tah. eh kau kene pegi desaru lah...

kash - heheheh nasib baik my mom tak register for me :D. cepat nak kena beli beskal...

Ian - dah mabuk laut nih kena lambung :)

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