I'm a Personal Trainer

Or not! (err... leap into para 3)

One of the things I love about my current job is, mid Friday every week is superfast. It was as though the week sort of disappeared into thin air, and we were busy to wrap things up. With a brilliant morning swim at MSQ, Fridays are always off to a jolly start, with burning triceps and quads and calves and sore right shoulder.

Last Friday was no different - we were sprinting. It was a drill of overtaking swimmers (not that I would need to) which includes lots of hard kicks. Eric knows how to make a torture ever so enjoyable! I was breathless and sore all over, especially from the relay sprint with adiNation earlier, but joy nonetheless.

And I am grateful whenever we have weekends just between the four of us. Doing the simple stuff. We visited Iris' pediatrician and the scale shows that she is 9kg above her maximum weight. I felt like I have failed her. Here I am, losing heaps of fat, and my own daughter is in negligence. I know it's in my genes, and I know that we will have to work very hard to kick it off. Poor my little princess. 

So I encouraged her to follow me to run the Men's Health Run that night. She jumps in the air with a resounding yes! She was talking all about it when we went shopping for baju raya that afternoon. And when we were stuck, not moving more inches I had wished in a massive traffic in MRR2 leading to Putrajaya, she was evidently devastated! 

And Sunday we spent indoors, writing, scribbling and whatever she fancies after her long swim in the morning, and we went running eventually today. Kepong Metro is her favourite place as she could cycle, run, squabble at the playground, and fly her mermaid kite. 

I love simple family chores - no travelings, no visits etc. It makes our weekend felt longer as opposed to breathing stale cold air from the car vent.
And today was the end of Week 2 of Project TNF. 

Week 2.

So far I managed to stick to the program. Last week's total required mileage was 58km, and the base 7k run starting to feel quite acceptable. 
Wifey informed me that during Ramadhan, her work remains the same which leaves me alone until 8 p.m. Which translates free time alone to run if I so wish. Damn! My one excuse taken off the list!

Another 9 grueling weeks.

And I am trying to draw a program for Iris too.

Note : the images above are not coherent to the entry, but was plastered for the benefit of McIjam primarily.


Julin Julai said…
ooo..nasib baik ada small print.. I can easily understand the first 2 pics but I was lost on the 3rd one.
Ingatkan ada org sepam blog nih..hehheh.
Go Ramadhan training!
Khairul said…
Abis la. Lepas ni semua entry hang nanti McIjam demand gambar. Huhu...
RaYzeef said…
syah, adakah entri ini khas untuk Ijam? sebab aku nengok banyak betui gambar amoi hang bubuh..he he

too bad u missed shape run, we miss the rest of the RBUs
Yimster said…
Lots of patience there syah to get things in the go. TNF is sure freaking me out. Have to step it up somewhat. Hang in there, you're doing good
amsyah said…
Doc - LOL... I don't want to be the vice to a celebrity... nak tumpang glemer punye pasal hahah

KA - hahaha... tapi aku tau, banyak gambar yg dia demand tak lepas rating PG hahahah

Ray - kita hanya merancang, traffic menentukan :D

Yim - bila nak lari Putrajaya? malam bulan puasa?
blog ni banyak gambar amoi, Ijam-inspired ka? Hehe
Diket said…
Nasib baik ada footnote. Aku hampir nak report kat JAKIM.
Come bring your daughter at the next trikidz in October.
IJAM said…
at last...amoi photos...tapi kenapa pecah2?
blog kau tak dpt update blog aku rasanya..

Mana pegi da mlm tu, syuk call mcm baru bangun tido je...

Too bad you can't join us...next time...genting trailblazer...kena racun kak june masuk,
Che said…
compius tetiba banyak gmbr amoi. secret training bersama amoi2 kah? haha.. rupanya utk mcIjam :P

Too bad u missed the Shape Run. I thot u were on you way masa smsed me that day? btw, its was a perfect nite with nice weather :)
amsyah said…
kash - bagi McIjam ketenangan diri hahaha

Diket - footote tu paling penting wife aku baca hahahah. Aku rasa Trikidz October ni, aku register diri aku je lah :D

Ijam - takpe, banyak lagi gambar amoi coming nih.. tapi banyak kena censored daa.
Sorry bro, aku dah bawak kete macam Jacques Villeneuve dah, tapi apakan daya... genting trailblazer mesti wa bangun awal punye... nak tengok lu lari ngan ray yeahoooo

che - sorry I missed zigman in action, damn! KL was horribly thunderous and raining heavily. How did you fare?
Che said…
i did good. but finish 2nd in the final challenge. still the 'race' aint over yet. but im sure that Hui guy will win. Atleast i got to keep everything that i got so far :) ape pun, keep voting till 7th august nih. Thanks!
Fong said…
hehe, cun nyer pics.. Iris can do trikidz =)
ziff71 said…
Isshh, nasib baik ada smallprint, if not mmg aku ingat ni dah jadi hentai site hahahaha. U are doing good bro, with the swim and run and the soon to happen cycling in between hehehe
amsyah said…
che - o boleh sambung vote eh? your % is not too far off... ok going to vote more now

fong - rasanya nak racun dia jugak lah :) october kan?

ziff - hahahha, aku terasa macam tokan pulak...
eh, terkena lambung pulak... ouch hhehehhe
crushhio said…
please train me, syah!

in dire need of someone to discipline me from slacking with training, pretty please..
ian yusof said…
Bro, do let me know (preferably via sms) your next big weekend training ... I feel bad of letting my team mate trains all by himself for the TNF ... sorry bro, kinda tied up with training and such lately.
amsyah said…
syed - i have to succeed to train my own daughter first hahaha. you run so der very fast, no need training lah :)

Ian - no sweat, I understand :) been there myself (still is)
will do, tapi the usual LSDs on Saturdays, and night LSD menu in Putrajaya during puasa month. I need the trainings more than you do :)
Will update later when we have it all lined up

韋雅萍志 - thanks
raj mangal said…
i did good. but accomplishment 2nd in the final challenge. still the 'race' aint over yet. but im abiding that Hui guy will win. Atleast i got to accumulate aggregate that i got so far :) ape pun, accumulate voting till 7th baronial nih. Thanks!Personal Trainer Directory

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