Ten, ten, ten, ten, ten..... ten, ten

The Nike race details are finally out! There will be no 'Human Race' for this year, but instead it will be a fierce face-off fight between SG and KL instead (alaa, I loved te 'Human Race' vest, lah!).

Called the KL vs SG Nike City 10K, it will be held on 10.10.10, and the team with the most kms logged with Nike+ Coach will win USD30,000 donation from Nike (if won, KL runners will donate the money to Hope Worldwide Kuala Lumpur).

Details are here;

Nike City 10K KL - 10 Oct 2010 
Nike City 10K SG - 24 Oct 2010 

Damn, since my Glide was stolen just yesterday, suppose I will not be a part of this :(. Too bad as we are doing serious mileages for TNF, kan?


June Malik said…
sorry to hear abt ur car kena pecah .. and how hard it is for u to find shoes in your size, bummer kan .. nways, this is interesting, and ada the hooha run too .. dilemma sungguh ha ha
RaYzeef said…
already registerd, u can use NB shoes, just need to buy those Nikeplus sensor pouch:)
Yimster said…
So many events happening on this tententen day! Too bad i wont be participating. Ada orang tu punya mileage mencecah 200km tuk ogos taw :)
my nike+ sensor dah kaput. I have already murdered 3, so dont think I will be buying a 4th set. :( It wil be interesting to see who wins. :)

alamak syah, they stole your shoes. Sorry to hear that. Damn thief. Could have taken your cash and you wouldnt care less, kan?
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Kereta kena pecah? innalillahi wainna ilaihi raji'uun.
Bawak bersabar bro, ada hikmah di sebaliknya tu insyaAllah.
If u cannot run... swim!!! :)
amsyah said…
KJ - tu lah... I have to visit Adidas Store soon :) or a good time to run barefoot?

Ray - o boleh eh? kena singgah Nike lah nih

Yim - eehehhehe...

Kash - ye ke? hardcore! hahahh tapi betullah tu...

Nik - hikmah dia wa kene spend duit bajet basikal wa, nak beli kasut daa... bulan puasa kenot swim, how?
farizzet said…
you dont get wedding invitations on this date?
Julin Julai said…
haa.are you sure it got stolen?..ke those shoes broke out of your car,,
" mak aiii..200K for August! " said those shoes.
Seriously, sabaq no. Just look at it this way: boleh beli kasut baru yang lebih canggey.
amsyah said…
fariz - ada, tapi weddings are in the aftrnoon. all runs will be over by 10am the most :D... apa cerita pengantin baru?

Doc - hahaha, that's a good one! I need a canggey wallet with a canggey content :D:D:D:D:D
Anonymous said…
Count on me Singapore!


I don't have the sensor lah. So I can't participate.

But I hope Singapore wins. Haha.

Let the rivalry begins.

Anyway is the Nike+ sensor a GPS too? Can it detect if you're running in KL or maybe JB or Penang?

amsyah said…
Mech - I am clueless - technology and me never gels :D

Let's not make different camps get in the way of OUR own trainings, yeah? :D
Anonymous said…
Anyway Syah, when I read the blogs you posted above, they say that there will be a physical race in KL on the 10th and 224th in Singapore.

So if you cannot run in KL, come down lah to Singapore and contribute to our mileage.


Anyway I've registered. Makin mahal!
Anonymous said…
Oops I mean 24th October.

224th is if you follow the Mayan calendar.

Anonymous said…
Alright I think I'll try to clarify my confuse self.

Basically there are 2 types of run:
1. Virtual
2. Real

The virtual race will pit KLites against Singaporeans. The city with the most mileage from now till 31st Oct 2010 wins. You need Nike+ to join. And Nike+ does not have an in-built sensor. So if you are in JB or anywhere in the world you can still register under KL or Singapore.


The real race takes place in two cities; KL on the 10th and Singapore 24th of October.

Basically the main aim of this event is to influence people to buy the Nike+ products. Great marketing you Nike people. Hehe.

And the race in Singapore is very expensive but I've gullibly signed up for it and pulled in my cousins to join too based on the positive experience of last year's event.

Kay that's all Syah. Maybe I should copy this to my blog too lest I became confuse again.

tsar said…
aiseh.. sorry to hear that you lost your shoes. kurang le mileage KL ni. Kash nye kaput. Shuk nye pun sama. dang!
amsyah said…
Mech - hahahah - thanks for making it easily digestable :D

Tsar - what about yours? tolong negara weiii...

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