Untitled Drama #1

Work is on high alert. My project is under scrutiny by the BigBoss by the minutes, given the task at hand and list of mountains of deliverables. I felt all staff and all parties are pulling pieces off me from all directions. 
Crap! Spiderman was right, it does come with great responsibility, although I am not sure about the great power, though, more than the time allowed for me to take a 5 minutes drive home to swim on my lunch breaks.

In fact, the next 6 months are all almost planned out, and it looked heavy all sides.

I was ready to erupt (again), as series of urgent sms-es/emails and incessant deadlines. I was online scouting for a new job kahkahkah! But he being a good mentor, pulled me back. He knows how to avert disaster and keep his (ahem!) talent. 

Now I wondered what I was fussing about, when my BigBoss - the man who jokingly told us that writing letters are like wearing a bikini, can be such fatherly and teacher-ly. All I needed to do was coming up to him and be straight up on project issues, and it will be discussed rationally. Now, only if I could get him to talk about increment and bonus.

"I'd do the first thing last, and do the last thing first" - Steve Martin, 2010.

This feels like a love affair. There are times when we yelled at each other, I felt like punching him, and there are times when we share jokes and laughter like friends. I forgot how tiring a love affair is. 

And the late nights and tattered meals shows in my runs. Yesterday I was running KLCC, not picking up speed and wind after 4 laps. I was there early and wished I could hit 10 laps, but no poco-poco tunes fired me up, nor Ronnie with his new 2XU compression socks. 
Swims? What swims?

I have not seen clear runs this week - moving towards SCSM, which is due in 4 weeks time. Hope this weekend will pick up some warm air, and I could rise again. Having said that, I am proposing another go at Kinrara-Newton route LSD on Saturday, as follows;

Where : Kinrara, Puncak Jalil etc along the Newton-nasi lemak route
When : Saturday, 30 October 2010
RV : Aladdin Mamak, Bandar Kinrara 5 (I think)
What time : pounding time at 6.00 a.m.
Distance : I'd try to do 20k, but feel free to go beyond

I know, I know... Genting Trailblazer the day after. I just needed my back-to-back workouts to keep sane these days. Join me running super slowly, if you want to warm up for Genting Trailblazer.


ziff71 said…
Hang in there bro, our line of works is merciless, so to speak. Kinrara? hmm, thinking a lite work out only on saturday, 20k of ammah and appah hills is very2 intimidating but we see how :D
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Kinrara lagi? Waduh waduh...
all the best in your races, guys.
Yimster said…
Good luck with the runs syah. Its just work, time to release them stress wokay
June Malik said…
hang in there bro .. by the way are u bigger than your boss? hehe
ian yusof said…
hmmm kinrara run on sat at 6am ... u think we can finish by 8am?
Fong said…
hey, project director =) i know the bkt jalil runners run every sat/sun at 5am for about 30km.. saje je kepoh nak bagitau...
amsyah said…
ziff - aint that is true - especially when it's a lawsuit waiting to happen. Balik jual sandwich je lah :)

LSD at Ammah Hills boleh customise to 10k to 40k hehehe

Nik - ari tu wa dendam lah sama itu bukit... tak lepas gian

Kash - thanks. road races and races to the food counter :)
amsyah said…
Yim - cant wait for the weekend - time to play :D

For the work that pays the bills!

KJ - thanks. I am bigger (ok, taller) but he's a lot fatter hahahah.
amsyah said…
Ian - we can customise the distance, no worries. Ada training ka? Tapi for you, 2 hours dah cover 26k dah, very der good oredi :)

Fong - bukan Project Director... GM saja (General Machai). The question is - bila you nak lari lagi ni :) Kinrara dah dekat dah tu, kan?
IJAM said…
alamak...ada plan lain yg baiiikkk punya la hari tu..

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