Makanthon - Jamuan Sup-Sup

Been a super busy weekend, but not without the customary runs and a biathlon event. Yesterday, we were graciously invited for the Soup Party at Bukit Jalil yesterday. Thanks for the invite bro - a good way to overeat on delicious food after the not so intence race in the morning (now I am NOT entitled for a Monday rest day :D - all those extra calories will have to be shaken off).
Not surprisingly, I decided on the menu very late, and hence did not prepare the menu to be shared with all during the party itself.

The Soup Party requires everyone to bring a soup dish to share, and share the recipes as well. Brilliant!

So here is the menu and manual for all to share of what we prepared;

The Devil (Chocolate) Soup :

10oz of dark chocolates (80% - but I put more chocolates for kicks)
4 cups of low fat milk
1 cup of sweetened milk (susu pekat - boleh migraine ni. So I'd cut it in half next time around)
Vanilla extract (anyone knows where to get the beans?)
5 tablespoon of cornstarch
5 tablespoon of cold water
blueberries/raspberries for garnish
oat cookies/vanilla sticks/almost biscottis for dips

How to :

1) Warm up the low fat milk, sweetened milk and vanilla just about to a boil, then remove from heat, and let it cool for 20 mins, and strain
2) Double-boil the chocolates (not to over-burn) until silky smooth. Keep stirring
3) Add cold water to cornstarch, a little at a time until it forms a slurry. This will get tough as the cornstarch thickens, but worry not - keep stirring.
4) Once the cornstarch slurry is consistent, add it into the silky chocolates to form a good, consistent chocolate mix. The mix should be quite thick.
5) Add the milk mix into the chocolate, stirring consistently to achieve the liquid you wish to achieve. It should be thicker than the hot chocolate drink, but still drinkable and hick like a mushroom soup
(I would steal some of the thick chocolates, and dilute it in the leftover hot milk to make hot chocolate drink for later if I want to bribe Iris on something)
6) Serve hot, or serve hold - with biscottis and the berries. Or put mini marsh-mellows, or vanilla ice-cream too :D

gambar hiasan, tiada kaitan dengan hidangan hari Ahad semalam

Renung-renungkan, dan selamat mengamal :)


RaYzeef said…
wahh bukan sahaja lari berdesopppp...tapi pandai masak sopppp...hip hip horeeyyyy King Avatar...congrats
IJAM said…
aik, lepas swim ngan lari, terus masak sup? fuh, brp timing masak sup tu? ada medal?
it's great to meet up with friends, when all of us are not running or swimming or cycling. Jadi normal.
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Chocolate soup????
Wujud jugak ke item carboloading sebegini rupa?
Now i know i am very the ketinggalan zaman.
Ms Road Runner said…
yummyyy!!! must try this recipe! thanks! :)
ziff71 said…
saya x pandai baca resipi, pandai makan ajer hahaha. Mmg aku respek org pandai masak nie hehehe

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