Does Fish Carbo Load?

I welcome back all Marathoners from the sunrise of the Singa Land. It's one hell of an event, I'll tell 'ya. 19,000 full marathoners pounding could have generated enough energy to at least light a 'reban ayam'.

And I know most of you are hardcore runners, but I have a question that has been bothering me. You all know about the benefit of carbo-loading week, or pasta party before your long runs. You even enjoy the indulgence, I would assume.
But what about before our swims? 

Do we carbo-load and hydrate before our (long) swims? 

If yes - when do we start, what food do we consume, when will be the last meal, hydration plan? What would be the food not to consume? Would the food I take and all the food I avoid prior to my runs works the same for swims?
I know for sure my body won't swim with food not 2 hours set in. 

If no - sure or not?

When I picked-up swimming early this year, my morning swims and afternoon getaways were fueled by Gardenia's chocolate loaf, which did give me a 'feel-good, stomach is full' factor, probably from the sugar rush from the cream and carbs. I somehow outgrew them out of health concerns. For now, bananas at my elevenses would suffice.
And since the swim mileage starts to get a little longer than usual, I found my throat burning and dry - and the next best water available is without a doubt not potable.

Geez, how do people swim 3.8km, or 6.5km? Tabik spring pun tak cukup... 

I hope our swimmer/triathlete friends could share and shed some light into this. My thanks in advance.

No Diket - we do not bring our pace note for the swim, bro :D


haha, good question Syah. fyi, I puke the whole breakfast I took after I swam kapas. My take is this. Dont take anything heavy like rice. A liquid pre swim meal should suffice. At least this is what I was planning to do for my next long swim.

Anyone else got other suggestions?

Thanks for bringing this up. maybe should ask this in Facebook.
Yimster said…
I wonder if you like stash gels in your swimsuit (or your cap) and consume it when needed???
Fong said…
hey, shah... take energy gel/bar before swim.. powerbar... then, u may put a bottle of endurance drink at your lane during training.. eventually enough of long distance swim will train ur body to work like normal in hunger state (cam training during puasa).. for long distance races, i guess they will have stops for swimmer.. do plan for gel intake.. make sure u eat =) if u need solid food, do so earlier so that you wont puke.. no formula; try N error till you understand ur body =) cam bebel mcm makcik g pasar je.. i guess have to ask org sports science later =)
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
When i do my long distance swim training, i stop at every 500m to rehydrate. i put a bottle of drinking water at the edge of the pool.
For what i know, in Ironman triathlon, there's no water station. But in Kapas-Marang swimathon, the kayakers do carry some drinking water, if you need some. FYI, i haven't done both of them.

All the best, KingFisher!
ziff71 said…
tumpang lalu ajer :D
amsyah said…
Kash - I had a bottle of isotonics 30mins before swim today. Not enough to reduce the burn. Please ask in FB - my involvement in FB is shameful - nobody knows me anymore hahahah. Let me know. thanks Kash

Yim - kenot lah. It seems that swimming is not as easy as it seems :)

Fong - gel/bar before swim - got it. for long distance - stop kat ne? middle of sea? suppose need to do trial run jugak lah. what about post swim, Fong? any protein refuel like other workouts? Thanks
amsyah said…
ok Nik - noted (air apa tu?). Thanks Dato!

Ziff - heheh, tumpang lalu pun naik beskal ke?
June Malik said…
i pun tumpang lalu macam ziff, menyimpan idea2 dan tips tips :)
Dancing Ciken said…
morning syah! here's another tip from sir sofian, he's a great guy :) it works, really...

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