Sentuhan Pertama, Sentuhan Kecundang

I am sitting at home, back all sore. Broken, actually. The first ride up to Genting Sempah with my office mates was all gorgeous and painful and scary at the same time.

This was the first time Batman rolled beyond the gerai. First ride, baby! The day before, few flashes across the sky calls for a fun day out, and Batman answered!

I arrived at the RV point smelling all new. The jersey, the bike, the helmet, the shoes, cleats, the whole works. The tights requires some 'acclimatizing', and walking with the cleats on was weird. But being a runner, I arrived the earliest, in fact we rolled out just before 9 a.m.. In my vocabulary, a brick with 20k Bukit Aman - Hartamas - Bukit Aman LSD would be feasible.
In the excitement to go riding, I completely forgot my fuel at home, and resorted to 2 karipap from the gerai along the road while waiting for the guys.

When Azlan came in, we prepped the bikes. After all is good, we decided to climb first without waiting for the rest, and so off we went. Clipping on required some actions as I wobble by the road side trying to clip. After all the drama, we rode up the rolling hills. It was... OMG! The air was cool, and the sun peeked through the umbrella of trees. I was paying more attention to following Azlan while concentrating to learn the effects of the shifting gears - front and back. Not a good place to learn it, but there I was, sometimes standing up to have a feel of the bike.

When we arrived at the communication tower, there are few hairpins with inclines which stops our conversations abruptly, when both of us bowed down and just pedal. It was when he shouted another km to go that I left him behind. We were supposed to stop at McD at Genting Sempah. But when I arrived at the top of the hill, where some 12 cyclists gathered, I sprinted down, not knowing that was the end. What went down must come up, and that one in particular was short, steep climb. Kena kencing daa...

Shortly, we regrouped when our mates arrived, and it was time to roll down. Rolling down was scary! The guys sped off that I cannot even smell the rubber, but I was very cautious on my brakes. I read somewhere that sudden braking might topple the rider over, and that is one scary image. Coupled with the big lorries coming up that morning, I was doubly cautious on bends, although when mastered, could have been one hell of a ride!

And coming down at some speed on uneven roads was painful, I gathered. Even the smallest hole causes some discomfort, but when the road is smooth, wallawey! I let the wind picked up, and ride.

To be honest, I was not fatigued as much as finishing a run, or high enough after a great run. For now, it didn't feel like I have exerted as much, and coming downhill didn't help either. I didn't feel like I sweat that much (although the sweat rate is no right way to gauge level of intensity), which did not allow me the ticket to indulge at the dining table. This thought, of course will be re-visited in the near future.

What I know was, by noon I was completely wasted! I slept  for hours from the ride, I suppose mostly from the brain overdrive, looking out for potholes, lorries and navigating down. I was tired, and coupled with stiff back, I had a slow evening today.

It has been a good day out. But I sure am missing my runs, I still can't get over it.

But that doesn't discount the things I need to get soon - gloves, pump, spare tubes, blinkers. But why lah bikes are not fitted with side mirrors and honks? Sure would be helpful, yes?

Now, open water beckons.


sounds like a nice ride! great job!
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
apart from the gloves and spare tubes, you should also:
1) get a camera
2) learn to use sunblock
3) and, shave your legs... ngeh ngeh ngeh.
Diket said…
Caya la Batman & Bat Mobile dah in action officially on Thaipusam. Macam ada syncronisation la. Good job there datuk! Ride safe ok.
Dancing Ciken said…
boleh kasi botak kepala/cukur jambul juga, lebih aerodynamic, ngeh ngeh ngeh

good job!
ziff71 said…
Bravo! Sudah layan Genting Sempah dgn moderate effort ajer dah bukan kira newbie category. U need longer distance and steeper climb ;-)
Che said…
trust me, dont shave your legs.. ewww.. :P

yup, ada je org guna sight mirror (kat mtb) tp tak tahu lah roadbike ada guna ke tak :P

and downhill always the best part kat situ! mmg best.. (jgn selisih ngan lori@ kete sudahlah..)

RM (ribu-ribu) to go for my own roadbike :P
June Malik said…
sudden break will send you flying over and above, sommersault act. trust me, been there done that haha .. be careful .. seems like a good first outing .. banyak lah lagi pulus hilang kat batman :)
amsyah said…
Kash - bila nak ride?

Nik - aku nak capai botol air pun takut, camne nak pegang kemra? kalau pro cam kau kata cukur kaki, wa follow lah!
amsyah said…
Diket - senang Batman nak ingat anniversary hahahaha. Ride safe - wa kena pasang brake disc lah, seriau tengok brake clip yg cenonit tu

Cik Tipah - hahahahah, nnt orang panggey saya Haji pulok hahaha

Ziff - wa follow you... tapi l masih utang swim ngan wa kehkehkeh
amsyah said…
Che - kalau shave nnt takde insulation and tempat lalat menyorok tumpang turun bukit. Shave tu ok, tak tahan masa bulu nak keluar balik - gatal beb!

Masa selisih ngan lori kat bends memang seriau!

KJ - penah jadi Superwoman eh? wow! Batman memang high maintenance hahahaha. Lepas ni saya kene tukar kete kancil :D

Ijam - seram!
Julin Julai said…
cayala bro..dah sampai ke Genting..
saya sampai jugak genting..tapi genting kedai runcit
ian yusof said…
alamak, no pic to prove that la bro!
amsyah said…
Doc - Genting Sempah je... sekarang takleh dah ride sampai Genting :D

Ian - ada gambar dlm hp je... nnt ada I'll update :D
Che said…
Bro shah- thats my point. jgn lupa parut :P

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