Base Mileage, SCKLM T-13

In honour of Shanaz's upcoming Paris Marathon, and Daniel's first FM at Energizer, both events coming real fast in next few weeks, I joined forces to fulfill the demanding mileages, and used the opportunities to kick myself in my butts off my workstation, and easy mornings. Truth be said, the first 2 weeks from Men Health's 16-weeks marathon training are a complete waste. The rate of my stress levels escalates higher than the required mileages off of me, and I do not see a light yet, at least not until June. Come June 2011, I'd wear whatever excuses I could use that morning at Dataran Merdeka.

The first weekend, Saturday 19/03/11, we hit FRIM trails at 6.30 a.m. - the menu was 4 loops on the tarmac as it was too dark to venture into Dream Trail mostly. There was Shanaz, Daniel, Izuan, Ian, Azuria, Faris and myself - attempting at the big 30k. Been awhile since that figure cropped up. 

But looking at the start time, and our cautious pace that morning, I doubt I'd be able to go the distance. Everybody was saving their knees for the demanding trails and significant Steroid Hill Part 2 that awaits in the second leg of the run, and I have a reunion to go to that afternoon. Whatever it is, the buffet spread has to be justified, and I stayed with the aerobic level of consistency, hopefully to burn the excess fat to make way for the new fat coming my way. *Sigh*

We completed our 4 loops tarmac run in almost 2 hours (14+k), and a quick rest with 100+ and few bananas later, we hit the Dream Trail mercilessly. Immediately we were divided into 2 groups, with me, Shanaz, Izuan and Daniel plugging away, and Ian with Azuria and Faris at the back. But there was no stopping in the trails, as the leeches were all jumpy from the rain the night before. But I got my first fall here that morning, from the squattered fallen branches, and suffered little cuts as a sign of such bravado (heh :D).

We came to Rover Track, and went on towards Steroid Hill. I made a turn here, as the guys preceded up the helipad. Coming down solo on a deserted trail was comforting and scary at the same time. I imagined that I will have to do lots of solo trail runs soon as Kinabalu approaches.

Total run about 26k +. Very good outing!

Part 2

We took Iris and Aiden to I-City in the evening, and checked-in in Shah Alam. After a long night, and blissful sleep, I sneaked out in the morning to re-visit part of Adidas King of the Road's route. The last time I ran here was 2009 in KOTR from Shah Alam Stadium.

This time, starting from Shell near Plaza Masalam, I took towards the Bukit Cerakah exit, into Seksyen 7, into a local lakeside jogging area, and went back along UiTM, and ended up doing bigger loop of the Taman Tasik Shah Alam, up the mosque, MAIS building, and back.

Total mileage is roughly 16k was all I could muster. Long overdue family breakfast awaits, and fool-yourself swim session with Iris is a must!

The second weekend, Saturday 26/03/11, Shanaz was courteous enough to 'lambung' us to do Newton @ Kinrara. The route so nice and demanding - how could you resist? This time were Shanaz, Daniel, Irwan and myself, and we started almost after 6.30 a.m. after waiting for all comrades to arrive safely etc.

The Newton was a straighforward run, but I have to warn you guys when running with Daniel - he is a speed demon (hahahahahaha!). When I remembered correctly of the torturous run months before, i was mindful not to over-exert myself, and stayed within the aerobic zone. After all, the after effect from the long 4000m swim the day before was working up my right calf, so I had extra cash just in case I need to hail a cab back home. The option to bail out from Newton was not possible, as the guys do not know the route at all. Crap! This is the sort of motivation I needed to get going...

As the run started, it was like a harmonious outing. We stayed together, except when Irwan chose to stay back. We headed towards T1 at the 8th km, and pitstop at Esso at the 12th km, and into Lestari Perdana for T2, and back to pitstop at Esso at the 21th km, and headed back.

Overall, the Newton route seemed shorter, and more manageable now, Alhamdulillah. I have always loved this route, and that day we were spared from the Mat Rempits and stray dogs. If it weren't for the long drive to Bukit Jalil, I would not mind trading this off with Bukit Aman, but not sans the crowd. 
Had we started to run earlier, it would totally doable to run early, as it is well lit, and traffic was light, and the road was broad. And if running shorter distances, a brick would be possible, with the Bukit Jalil Aquatics located so near to the site.

Soon, very soon...


Diket said…
Awal nya sudah target for 30K LSD untuk SCKLM ke datuk? Mau peak twice ye? Ni sure target sub-4. Highly motivated. Keep it up bro.
Kinabalu mau train solo ye? Nampak gaya aku kena cari hutan/gunung lain la macam ni :)
amsyah said…
Mana ada bro... orang bagi menu, orang bayar, wa kena lah ikut makan :D... setakat menten sub-5 cukup le

Kinabalu tak train solo bro, cuma tapi ada minggu2nye bila gian melanda, mesti mau sergah juga bukit bukau FRIM tu... mana le tahu, lu tak dapat tiket belon hahahhahahah
Sharif John said…
You are very strong abang... I wish I can be more like you... My odometer still a suck 500km
Pou Leen said…
I just saw you on TV! Like so inspirational! You're the man!!!!

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