Cerita Basi 1/4

Date : 29 February 2011
Agenda : Latihan Bata - LSD, Bukit Aman and swimathon-geli-geli, Bukit Jalil Aquatics

Running was not eventful, a simple start from Bukit Aman into Solaris in loops, and back. I started late, and cangkuk-ed Malcalm and Calvin, catching up on our runs. I first met Malcalm when we started AdiNation KLCC together, and we went on many runs together. He was one of the 6:00hr pacer in SCKLM last year, and this year running as the 5:30hr pacer. We are the losing-weight-runner-buddies.

A lot has happened in between, which makes our plods towards Jalan Duta effortless. But that also means I succumbed to his pace, and slowed down considerably. A quick time check at Jalan Duta - I will not make it to Petronas, and went on my way around Solaris and Dutamas a couple times, and headed back. Met Cik Tipah and her proteges doing chorus rehearsals for Hari Pahlawan, with air milo ais ikat tepi, I might add. My reward of cool Milo at Gerai Abang Rahman awaits! and with few karipaps tapau-ed, I headed to Bukit Jalil with 30 minutes to spare.

Arrived Bukit Jalil Aquatics in time with Nik, and Ian came by from his run. We were soon joined by Saiful , and all of us eagerly waiting for King Mambo to make his first appearance at the pool. As the sun breaks free, and the clouds soared high in the warm air, the glimpse of the black Livina peeked through the greens, and here he was, gleaming!

It was early, and we had a lane to ourselves. Considering the nature of 'basi' this story is, the rest of the adventures are best illustrated here. It is amazing swimming with seasoned swimmers - there are lots of things I could learn everyday. 

A week post Singapore. I am feeling the swims.


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