Cerita Basi 2/4

Date : 26 February 2011
Agenda : LSD, Bukit Aman

It was quite awhile since my last LSD to Hartamas, after series of holidays and etc. These days, my wife would tease me if I purposely miss my runs.

It felt like forever, that talking myself up the bed, into the car etc felt like forever. After these years, picking my running gears are no longer a big deal as everything gets packed before bedtime. But driving to Bukit Aman needs a lot of convincing. Why? Why do I need to drive all the way?

Regardless, there I was at the deserted carpark. Saturdays are never crowded anyway, and breaking away from the carpark is never easy when all you have are a pair of shoes and the zooming cars. As I moved towards Bukit Tunku, I felt myself hesitating going into the dark alone, I either slowed down to wait, or mostly sped on to catch groups in front of me. I caught up with Jamie and Frank moving back from Hartamas, and struggled past Tijani. 

Today, I managed Solaris again. As I stood at the Duta Tropika junction, looking towards the Hartamas route, I felt like the route has abandoned me. I felt unwanted. There are so many time I would throw myself into that route, sort of sucked into it. That day, the vacuum was not turned on. 

Made my way back at a break of a dawn. The sight of red skies and fresh air brought me back to the love for the runs. In running terms, I have sinned - I have neglected my runs terribly, into swims and some rides. I misses my runs. That morning reminded me of the joy runs once were. 

I went home with a promise. A promise to run more. Not for the races though, not to lose more weight, but for the love of it. It was simple then, it should be now.

Found this pic in the archive, when one of our fewer group LSDs, when we started to get to know each other (l-r : Nik, myself, Kash, Ian, Fadil, Rashid)


Diket said…
Betul la not for the races. Tapi kalau ada kaum cangkuk belakang, cepat aje tekan butang turbo. I miss running jugak! :(
Yimster said…
I miss everything! Trying to juggle all disciplines can be maddening. Time to fall in love again with your first love ...
IJAM said…

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