Cerita Basi 4/4

Date : 27 February 2011
Agenda : Ride Bukit Jelutong - GCE - Batu Arang - Dragonback - Cahaya SPK - Bukit Jelutong

Another Sunday, another ride. When Ziff told us of the 97+ km, I paused. Yes, I have to pause. Not everyday you would get to go the distance once covered in your car. Heck, the last time I rode my trusted Suzuki between JB and KL was 11 years ago.

Arrived at the RV quite early, and we were in for an easy morning as one by one of use arrives. I hardly know Azahari, Bahri, Darren etc so our jokes did not fly through, but that needs a lot of work. Finally, our rose drove in, nad Kak Tipah rolled out Amira ready for action. After a quick set-up, we were off. The route took us into GCE, and plying the route are so many riders in so many groups. Well aware of the distance, I paced myself easy, but making sure I won't get left behind. This is a new territory, and I do not know how to get back on my own.

From GCE, we came into Sungai Buloh area, into Kuang, into some industrial areas, into some 'trails'. Habis tayar bertempek-tempek kena tahi lembu. As I primarily on a lookout for the front peloton, I lost track of the places we were at. But we stopped for a pitstop somewhere in Pekan Batu Arang. This time I had what I used all the time - few bars of Mars, and some drinks. No thanks the nasi lemak etc. WHat I later found out, I should have OD-ed on the ORS too.

Petronas as the main sponsor

We moved out, and after some serious downhills which saw me zooming in at 61kph tops, sans the lorries etc, into some short clearings, and the Dragonback looms. It started easy, into medium, and into high intensity. I cranked standing a couple of times, but in the end managed the top of Dragonback, halfway through, just fine. 
What a bloody relief!

Master Jedi and Ubi Wan
Belakang Naga conquered

After some compulsory camwhoring, we attacked the remaining hills. But I remember the most what we termed the 'Brokeback Mountain' approaching Cahaya SPK. I was on the onset of a severe right quad cramp, building up everytime I pulled my saddle up. The initial thought of resting at the top of that climb vanished when I was floored right in between the climb. Thanks Ziff for staying with me in otherwise would be a damn lonely and hot stretch.After some rest and hydration, we climbed again, and tackled all the hills which feels like eternity. By now, the faster riders would have enjoyed the comfort of the air-conditioning in their cars.

After the torturous and dreadful climbs, we reached GCE again, and into Bukit Jelutong we went, and back into our RV point. My feet are swollen from the thick socks I had. But in the end, I was happy to see the 7-11, although at that point my odometer only showed 82+ km. Dem!

It felt so good to have made it back. To be able to be off the saddles, and lay flat on the ground, no fumes, under the shades and occasional breeze from Domino's Pizza. 3 big rides done, and by the following week, I'd get back to my normal calls for Saturdays. For some reason, the rides are still not warming up to me. I start to doubt that riding is even for me, but I'd have to give this few more tries.


Diket said…
I would suggest an epic ride for you. Don't worry, it will justify. Let's vote for Broga. Coming soon.
ziff71 said…
Bro, riding mmg lambat sikit panas, x straight forward macam running and swimming. Hang in there for a while. I was there too :-)

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